Chicago Hustles Summer 2014: To Do List

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”top-to-bottom”]This listed was originated from with edits of our own added largely in the area of art, music, fashion, lifestyle or networking. If you know us we don’t care for the super trendy as the world pours into Chicago for the summer. However we do try to provide you with the overground &… Continue reading Chicago Hustles Summer 2014: To Do List

Revolution Craft Show: May 4th

We are a locally organized & curated event that happens roughly 4 times a year. Revolution Craft Show is┬árun by two local artists with a mission to give other artists and the public a fun yet affordable way to interact through selling their works. Come see the next show at Salvage one May4th 2014. You… Continue reading Revolution Craft Show: May 4th

Revolution Craft Show

The Revolution Craft Show at Revolution Brewery was an amazing time this holiday season. It was nice to be in a venue (that was not known for a ton of foot traffic) filled through out 6 hours by local Chicagoans coming out to support creative entrepreneurs selling their goods. We enjoyed all of the patrons… Continue reading Revolution Craft Show