Scheme: BiLingual Bars

Interview with hip-hop’s premiere bilingual rhymer, Scheme. Scheme: BiLingual Bars Chicago Hustles: My first vast question, why did you decide to take that route of rapping in Spanish and English? Why not be a Mexican rapper who raps solely in English? SCHEME: My intentions when I started making music didn’t go any further than just… Continue reading Scheme: BiLingual Bars

Sol Cafe in Rogers Park

Sol Cafe in Rogers Park is a little treat we recently discovered via one of our team members. We were invited out to do some discussing on certain aspects of the magazine and enjoy some networking at the cafe. This very well style lit and designed cafe is located literally steps away from the Howard… Continue reading Sol Cafe in Rogers Park

The Transition via Slot-A

The Transition by Slot-A Transition is Slot-A debut album that options Neak, Definitely Yours & Add-2. All produced, engineered & written by way of Slot-A SLOT-A BIO Working arduous to make a reputation for himself, Slot-A has pinpointed himself as one of the vital go-to producers in Chicago. As such he is discovered himself making… Continue reading The Transition via Slot-A

DJ SCEND:Proficient & Proficient

DJ SCEND a good trade man, but humble and grateful for his reward. Any such individual belongs in Chicago Hustles Journal off this by myself then again his TALENT speaks volumes as neatly.