Introducing CHARLI BALTIMORE’S “HUNNIDS” Video from the BMB Records mixtape We are big fans of Charlie Baltimore for the name, the movie she pulled the name from and her lyrical display since the early 2000’s we feel she is one of the illest Femcees. We hope Charlie Baltimore makes a submergence back into the game and take the lyrical… Continue reading CHARLI BALTIMORE’S “HUNNIDS” Video

Project: SubZero

Project: SubZero  Reaching out into the music industry and developing a new act. Chicago, February 24, 2014: Knock That Fire Musik is excited to announced their new venture in which they are calling, “Project: SubZero”. KTF Musik is currently on a two week search which will lead to 3-5 ladies forming an all-female, soul/pop influenced… Continue reading Project: SubZero

FashionBar Chicago Winter 2014 Fashion Show

FashionBar Chicago Winter 2014 Fashion Show We enjoy fashion as much as the next person though we rarely dress up enough to show it as our inner artist balks at the thought of displaying ourselves in any other way besides who we truly are. Often through our people watching in our commutes we question ourselves, sense… Continue reading FashionBar Chicago Winter 2014 Fashion Show

Official Chicago Circle App Ambassadors

“Circle a free app is the most popular local network. Circle shows you local news and events from helpful positive people that are near you right now.” As Official Chicago Circle App Ambassadors we are able to upvote the most interesting content for Chicago – what that means is we have the power to pick what will be… Continue reading Official Chicago Circle App Ambassadors