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After discovering Radkey via Afro Punk we made it a MUST to see them at RIOT FEST. After seeing them perform not nearly long enough we decided to reach out to Radkey for a little Q & A about creativity, passion & hustle.


What is a Radkey &  though a unique name would you care to share the story behind it?

There’s actually not much to it. Our last name is Radke, so we added a “Y” to it so people could pronounce it correctly.

After Riot Fest many people we talked to immediately after your set asked us if we were your greatest fans due to our excitement. “Did you see the brothers or the “brothers” from the band. They said, they didn’t look related but did you see them?” How would you address the readers with this one as it’s still confusing to us a bit as well?

We are all brothers. Blood brothers.

How does it feel to be performing amongst thousands of people for Riot Fest who have never heard you? What was your initial impression of Chicago’s Punk/Rock scene which heavily dominated Riot Fest?

It felt so amazing, the crowd was so great and enthusiastic. The Chicago Punk scene seems to be pretty badass. There was a pretty cool pit going down during our set…doesn’t get much better than that.

Your set was only 30 mins for Riot Fest how long do you prepare for such a set? The time must be tedious.

Doesn’t really take much to prepare for such a short set. Short and sweet is easy. Now an hour long set’s something else, that takes some prep.

Who some of your main yet rare influences your new fans may not be aware of? 

Definitely The Giraffes, Goes Cube, So So Glos and Freshkills to name a few. Damien Paris the Guitarist from The Giraffes actually produced our “Cat & Mouse” E.P. so that was pretty much like a dream.

Music is music and to us so is passion no matter how expressed. Coming from St Joseph Missouri of all places how did you fall into the punk genre? Also how did this affect your upbringing, creativity & music?

Well our Dad had a really solid music collection and we pretty much just listened to that while growing up. We were also homeschooled, so it was easy to keep all of the lame music away from us. So all of that definitely has a lot to do with the music that we write today.

We discovered you through Afro punk while amazed at your sound given your ages. What’s it like being able to travel the world so young? What do you want the average listener to understand when walking away from your set or a listen of RADKEY?

It’s amazing to be able to see so much of the world right now. We never really got out of Missouri before we started touring, so this is a really cool way to go about see everything. When people see our show or hear our music, I just want them to hear/see that rock music is still very much alive, and that there are young people that are into it and trying to really make it huge again. Our all around goal is to bring Rock music back into the mainstream.

At Riotfest when you guys left the stage we literally overheard many people saying how hard you guys rocked the stage. Does it ever get overwhelming to appease the expectations of a demanding crowd given your band phase in the who is who game of PUNK?

It’s usually pretty overwhelming until you start playing, then everything’s okay. I was about to pass out backstage before our set.

We here at the Chicago Hustles Magazine are all about passion, so what motivates your desire to make music? Making music is now your job it seems, outside of awesome music what are your other side passions?

All of the terrible music out there these days is really unacceptable. Honestly, it’s ridiculous. And that really drives us to rock as hard as we can and make all of that stuff disappear. It’s worth a shot. As far as side passions, we all really love Movies, Video Games, Anime and Comic Books. That’s basically all that we do when we’re not working on music.

What’s in the future for Radkey after Riotfest? What Festivals do you desire to play next? Will you be at SXSW in 2014 if so when?
We’re doing a Full U.K tour in October followed by some European dates and a West Coast tour in November into December. I’m not sure if we’re playing SXSW next year. I certainly hope that we are, really dug it this year.

For the Readers who do not know RADKEY, tell us one random fact about each of you.

Isaiah: I’m probably the biggest Cat person that you’ll ever meet. Like, I’m a cat freak. I feel like if I were an animal, I’d totally be a cat.

Sol’s really into sports and stuff. He knows his stats. He knows as much as your average adult sports guy.

Dee’s pretty serious into all things Japanese. He study’s the language and stuff in his free time.

When asked how RADKEY defined Hustle they said:
“We believe that if you ever want to achieve something great, like your dream, You have to put yourself out there completely. No one’s every accomplished anything without putting themselves out there 100%, otherwise there’s no use in even trying. If you’re gonna do it. Really do it. Don’t half-ass it.”-RADKEY


We thank Radkey for taking time out of their busy schedules to speak with us. Go support their album at http://radkey.net/

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