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Chicago Hustles talks with Adina Welch a creative with good rhythm on the dance floor, a good taste for fashion & jewelry and quite the hysterical sense of humor.
Adina Dee Jewelry, took time to have a few words with Chicago Hustles about her new jewelry line Adina Dee Jewelry.
When we checked out your website it states “I never out grew playing dress up.” what does this mean to you and how is this reflected in your jewelry line?
Adina: It just means that I’m a clothes horse~ I’ve been collecting clothes and jewelry since junior high. I love getting dressed for work in the mornings. It’s like, how can I top my outfit from yesterday?” I really wanted to create pieces that were different from anything out there- pieces that feel special and playful.
What where some of your influences that inspired your style. If your style was to be defined how would define it?
Adina: I draw inspiration from everywhere, but mostly from street blogs and fashion mags. My style very eclectic, but I’ve been as this before so my answer is “Motherland-bohemian mixed with edgy city gal chic.”
Upon looking on your etsy at we were able to view some of your items the batik Print Fabric rings where the favorite. What inspired these color rings to be created, they scream wear me.
Adina: “The Motherland” haha. Seriously though, African printed fabrics like batik have been the “it print” for a couple of summers now. I just felt like across the board, all kinds of fashionsitas would be really receptive to it.
We noticed alot of your pieces are very sizable. Do you have plans for a full collection anytime soon?
Adina: I add pieces as ideas come to me. I like working this way because again, it makes each piece special. I will be adding handbags in the near-ish future.
As a creative we all have some form of drive and passion, how has this drive helped you pursue your goals thus far and what are your ultimate goals for Adina Dee?
Adina: It helps me stay up till 3, 4, 5am in the morning sewing, networking and sketching new ideas every night. I have my “Clark Kent job” that keeps my lights on, but my “Superman job” is making jewelry (and stuff).
Fashion is always evolving who are some of your favorite brands and labels currently?
Adina: Clothing: Miu Miu, Prada, Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang. Jewelry designers: Erica Wiener, Pamela Love, Dannijo, Noir.
If a young teen was inspired by your passion and walked up to you on the street what wisdom would you give her if she wanted to make jewelry?
Adina: Keep a real job! Hahaha
We know you have some gems the readers haven’t seen so where can they buy the latest Adina Dee Jewelry?
Adina: I’m actually having my very first jewelry show at Per Populus Gallery in Pilsen on July, Friday the 13th. Spooooky! Also, I hope to be in some local boutiques in the city by the fall.
Passion is a must in any creative profession, so in your own words how does Adina Dee define the term HUSTLE?
“I just live by the age old motto that you gotta sleep, eat and drink your craft. Don’t take “no” for an answer and fu*k the haters.” –Adina Dee Jewelry

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