Analog Migration with Killer Mike, El-P & Dj Trackstar

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_gallery type=”flexslider_fade” interval=”5″ images=”25658,25657,25656,25655,25654,25652,25651,25650,25640,25641,25643,25642,25644,25645,25646,25647,25648,25639,25630,25635,25636,25610,25611,25619,25608,25620,25607,25606,25605,25581,25609,25676,25674,25672,25669,25668,25666,25661,25662,25663,25664,25670″ onclick=”link_image” custom_links_target=”_self” img_size=”750×500″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A great night of music at Analog Migration with Killer Mike, El-P & Dj Trackstar aka Run the Jewels. I heard about this dope event via a good friend the day of. This is rare as we often try to keep our ears to the streets and in the know but this IS CHICAGO where even those in the know still don’t know & this was such a case.

I woke up to a text with the link to the RSVP which was closed by the time I attempted, DAMN. After a few tweets & texts everything was set to go for the evening (thank yeezus). Living in Andersonville north side of Chicago Lacuna Lofts a place we enjoy is often a skip or a need to drive. We braved the semi chilly cold rainy weather to drive for a super-fast return home. We arrive at 8:15 as we were warned it could be a line to meet up with my dance floor diva Ally & Chicago Beer Geeks to catch up on future endeavors. As the clouds larger than life blew by in the Bridgeport breeze we laughed, joked and played a serious game of catch up on mutual acquaintances. We expected a line out the ______…well a long line but we were 12,13,14,15 in line when we walked up at 8:20. The night is starting off well I thought, no worries.

The check in began at 9:07 as the girls from The Fader checked each of our RSVP’s and the security guards checked our IDS while in line which made entry a breeze after passing the way too serious security guards. It felt very TSA annoying having to show the ID to the security who acted like they had an inside tip on something going down…while wearing Oakley’s, nuff said there. We all get inside Goose Island is flowing to the immediate right, stage is 100 feet ahead to the left with Timbuck 2 killing the song selection with an all vinyl set for Analogmigration presented by Fader.


Timbuck 2 had about 70 records or so from our observation but you could hear the crackle in the records when the needle hit every time, bliss. After the posse got beers and we all joined at the meet up point we were greeted by a hostess serving Ceviche as the crowd peered on curiously. We rushed out so we had no time to eat dinner so we were in wolf mode FOR REAL. We don’t know who this guy is (see video) but he got on the dance floor and started getting loose. He reminds us of a dentist who couldn’t tell his family he loves hip hop but he danced on beat and was very give no effs about it, MY MAN. He set off the dance floor as the venue filled up in the background with Chicagoans from every part of the city. The crowd was very diverse with a lot of dudes in attendance (not that it matters but yeah), only beer was served (shit) so it was a sober night for me in full. The struggle is real.


While waiting in line for the bathroom we took a shot or two of Hebru Brantley bathroom glass art. He has blown up so much it’s impossible to not see his work somewhere honestly in Chicago & beyond. A little Hispanic gents runs by the line saying “I work in the kitchen I have to go I’m SORRY”, go head homie handle yours lol. A kitchen huh? This is where we shall stake out for nibbles after this trip, YES SIR. We had already had pretzels twice, and a semi quesadilla option but still starving. After washing up we go like starving baby birds to HAWK the kitchen. Every Time an employee came out it was a sense of overwhelm in their eyes from everyone wanting food! In my mind I imagined the loud crow call you hear before they swoop in ha-ha. The dishes where basically pretzels with some kind of sauce, empanadas, ceviche, macaroni in a breaded shell, and sliders which we never got one of yet looked ever so good. After lingering over the kitchen waiting for sliders we decided to give up the quest and return to the front stage. As they cleared out the equipment for the oddly placed band (whose idea was that?) We saw our longtime associate who defines hustle to the BONE Dj Trackstarr who we’ve been acquainted with knew since 2002/03 in St. Louis when we break danced and had our clothing line. We spoke briefly as it was right before the RUN THE JEWELS set but always a pleasure no doubt.

The RUN THE JEWELS set we had been awaiting started with Queen’sWe are the Champions” which for some reason we thought was going to go into the Rocafella version with Ye’ & Twista as it was Chicago. However this was not the case, the crowd clapped slowly right before the set to Killer Mike & El-P’s arrival with Dj Trackstar providing the backdrop beats & sounds. The crowd was super energetic during the first three songs which literally made the floor shake from the vibrations of the herculoid like speakers and the energy of the crowd. After grabbing the photos & experience we came for we had to fall back and enjoy from afar as the speakers almost muted my hearing for the next week ha-ha. All I regret was missing a group photo of Dj Trackstar (A creative entrepreneur who has an amazing story of hustle), Killer Mike & El-P whom met with Chicago’s own Rhymefest to talk to the youth before the show! This is the hip hop love I remember; this is why passion is EVERYTHING.

If they land in your city, RUNETH THY JEWELS!

“Oh c’mon Deebo give him back his chain!! … WHAT CHAIN?… *sits down* Yea, what chain…”-#runthejewels

Peace to Dj Trackstar (peep his mixes), Killer Mike & El-P one of our favorite producers & Fader (photoset)

-Chicago Hustles[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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