Annual Edgewater Neighborhood Garage Sale

tim gunn
This years Annual Edgewater Neighborhood Garage Sale happened on a slightly gloomy day, but it still yielded a few treasures. It was good to just browse from yard sale to yard sale some located even in the middle of alleys as many sellers where trying to just clean out room for new treasures. Our first time this year making it over back to our old neighborhood we normally just drive by on foot brought back so many memories. On our 30 + garage sale excursion (it was about 60 if not more) we ran into a group of artist including a crafter with some cool items & two musicians. We spent more time at their yard sale than any because they had the coolest belongings and too were creative entrepreneurs. The DIY spirit is a requirement to make it in any indie field for those who don’t know. These artist educated us on their indie pressed vinyl & hand made knit items. Its always feels awesome to support other LOCAL creatives even better when they aren’t trying to pitch themselves to you. When we got ready to pay for the original artwork & music they asked us what it was worth to us and probably over paid but wanted to support as are often supported. As photographers we came across some amazingly unique frames, paintings & trinkets that seemed like one of a kind. Next year this is a must for those digging for gems & rarities.

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