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The Art of Love And Death Fashion Show at Lumen by ENDS/WEALTH CORP was quite the extravaganza.
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As expected the show got off to a late start but the fashion world can’t be rushed it must be absorbed. Lumen was decked out with three stages to showcase the different looks of the models and the Ends Wealth brand. As we waited for the show the first dj killed it as did some of the others but not like Freddie Fax. The staff was rockin “TURNT” hats all around showing love & support for Ends Wealth Corp, when speaking to one bartender she said she bought her hat and they were not promotional given away. The show displayed an interesting line but the chains on each person distracted the clearness of some of the design pieces visually. Our favorite was the tye dye/fade bleach inspired Flower of Life design which leads one into the realms of hermetic-ism & sacred geometry if they read up on the symbols meaning. After the show the lights went off, the stages where quickly taken down and the bottle service began with sparklers everywhere. The crowd was very diverse and it seems everyone was ready to get TURNT to say the least. In this order we saw sparklers, bottles dropping, groupies appearing from no where, and girls dancing on the seats with drinks in hand. If you had not seen it all unfold you’d walked in wondering wtf is happening but by being there it was great to see the elevation of the evening. We are natural at networking so as we chilled with our creative crew in attendance while building with others on their endeavors. We saw more creatives than we had time to speak with but all in all the next installment of Art of Love & Death Fashion Show will be one for you to attend. You can support Chicago’s own Ends Wealth Corp here. Like share and spread the imagery & videos…

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