Ashes to Ashes tribute to Israel Reefa Hernandez

Ashes to Ashes | Tribute to Israel “REEFA” Hernandez from Torsionography Films on Vimeo.

TORSIONOGRAPHY FILMS in collaboration with SENTROCK presents: Ashes to Ashes, a tribute to 17 year old Miami-native street artist & skater, Israel “REEFA” Hernandez, was tased to his death by Miami Police on August 6th, 2013. To this day, justice has not been served for the brutal incident. We pay our respects with this tribute to Israel & in support of the entire street-art/skate community spreading here from Chicago, across the world. It could happen to any of us.

Tori Howard (
Director/Executive Producer/Director of Photography
Instagram: @torsionography_
Joseph “Sentrock” Perez (
Instagram: @sentrock • •

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