Astro Wifey: Tipsy Goes Hard

Chicago Hustles Journal met AstroWifey on the Futura X Cognac experience again in August 2012. After viewing her web site we concept what she did was once very attention-grabbing so we made up our minds to attach along with her to share how she received to such inventive success. astrowifeynailschicago astrowifeynailschicago astrowifeynailschicago AstroWifey is a very interesting name for a company that specializes in nails. Where did the name of the business initially develop from? Astro Wifey:  This is always an interesting story to tell. I literally was looking up slang words for “woman” in the slang dictionary online. I came across “Astronauts Wife” which was defined on the site as a “woman out of touch with reality, yet strangely attractive”. I, myself have an attraction to things most find strange, and find beauty in imperfection. I wasn’t thrilled with the “Woman out of touch with reality” part and decided to switch the wording up and give my own definition to it. To me AstroWifey stands for female empowerment, we are independent and strong, but offer loyalty, compassion, and nurturing qualities. I’ve thought about changing it up a few times, but it always seemed to keep coming back to me, so it stuck. I think its memorable, and people seem to really like saying it. The ladies love to call me Astro and AstroWifey. I think they get a kick out of it. Plus the imagery of a female astronaut is pretty bad ass! Being that there are literally thousands of nail salons in Chicago what separates AstroWifey from the rest? astrowifeynailschicago AstroWifey: Top 3 reasons I would say is creativity, quality, and sanitation. It’s probably strange for some to hear sanitation as my response, but you would be surprised by what salons do to save time and money. Many places skimp on sanitation, and I find that disrespectful to paying customers, and inconsiderate to your health. You should feel safe being in the hands (no pun intended) of professionals. I also offer a customized nail experience that you can’t find anywhere else. Each session is tailored specifically for that client. I consult on color choices, health of the nail, and feel that I collaborate with my clients to come up with nail designs completely customized for that individual. I pay special attention to the products I use, all my nail lacquers are 3-Free (free of harmful chemicals), I use cuticle oil that is nourishing, Aveda oils during pedicures to offer relief of strained and tired muscles, and don’t do anything to damage the nail. Plus appointments are very intimate. Clients don’t have to feel rushed, and can feel like they had a relaxed experience without the harsh smells and chaos of a typical salon. Get comfy and BYOB, make it a girls night. Alot of your work is extremely detailed almost as if it was under a microscope, explain the process of doing a clients nails for us. AstroWifey:  Thanks Chicago Hustles! Literally just takes years of practice, a willing and patient client, and a steady hand. I’ve always been an artist, so that helps too. When clients come to my studio, I usually talk about what they have in mind. I go over color and technique options, and skim through photos to get a sense of their style. Some clients already have an idea of what they want, they usually find inspiration from themes, fashion, or art. Those are usually the most fun for me to work on. I especially love doing artist tribute nails. I figure yeah, we can probably never own a Warhol or Banksy piece, so why not rock a tribute on your nails for two weeks? You recently were invited by Apple to do a presentation at the Lincoln Park location about how you use their products for your business. How was that experience? AstroWifey:  It was really awesome! Blew my mind that Apple was interested in hearing about my business. I’m a supporter of Apple technology, I couldn’t run my business without my iPhone and iPad. I take Square on my phone for credit card payments, and use my StyleSeat app to book appointments and keep notes on clients. I was really honored and a bit nervous. Anytime you do a presentation there are so many elements to be worried about. It was a very intimate presentation, which I feel is a plus because people are more willing to listen and appreciate the story. The men seemed particularly interested, which I thought was pretty cool. Always love to see the guys supporting. From fashion events to working out of your private salon how has the journey thus far been for your brand? We saw on your twitter(@AstroWifey) the other day “Sometimes setbacks are blessings in disguise!”. What are the ups and downs you wish you could share ? AstroWifey:  The journey has been amazing. I have been doing nails part-time since 2008, but just left my full-time job in a health care field about 6 months ago. Since then, things have been crazy! In a good way. I just released my “Go Hard in the Nail Paint” t-shirts and sold out overnight, I designed four sets of nail wraps available in stores next month with Akira, curated nails for the Akira Fall 2012 Runway Show, worked on releasing a nail lifestyle magazine called Tipsy Zine available mid November, and have been dipping my feet into fashion shoots lately. Business is booming with personal appointments, and I couldn’t be any more blessed. I owe a huge thank you to all my supporters who spread the word about AstroWifey and all the ladies that floss off my work on their fingertips. Sometimes my schedule can get intense, but I can not complain. I do what I love to do everyday, and I’m truly blessed for that. I am also getting better at making sure I have a healthy balance, it’s also important for me to have time for myself and those I love. Sometimes things go wrong in business, like models not showing up for shoots. But when you have creative people around you, you make amazing things happen. You work it out, and most times it turns out even better than you imagined. That’s how set backs can be blessings in disguise. We have heard that there maybe a magazine in the works from Astrowifey . What will be the title and what can we expect from the publication which is rumored to be in print? AstroWifey:  I am working on a nail lifestyle magazine called “Tipsy Zine”. In Tipsy we plan on covering manicurists making history, nail trends, and whats new in the nail industry, such as events and products. This isn’t a magazine necessarily for nail professionals, it’s for any nail enthusiast. We didn’t want to be an “industry” nail magazine that shows you how to give a proper manicure or how to do acrylic nails. We are the magazine showing you what nails have been spotted on the runway or in the streets, and who the ladies are behind these dope mani’s (or men, we aren’t judging). The goal of Chicago Hustles Magazine is to share the residents of Chicago talent with Chicago first and then the world. To the up and coming entrepreneurs what words of wisdom could you leave them if this is their first time hearing about AstroWifey? AstroWifey:  One word of advice is if you’re passionate about something, and good at it, pursue it! Don’t worry about what other people say, or the money. The support and money will come as long as you work hard. I’m sure you can imagine what my family and some friends probably thought when they heard my goal was to do nails for a living, it wasn’t respected. I listened to everyone’s advice respectfully, but was determined to make it happen. I always believed it would happen, I never go into something doubting it. I do this to this day, I never think about failure, I just push forward. In the words of Kanye, a fellow Chicagoan, “Now I could let these dream killers kill my self-esteem or use my arrogance as the steam to power my dreams.” Yeah I’m not arrogant like Kanye, but he has the right idea here. Push on playa! Push on. We all have our different perspectives on business, so how does AstroWifey define the term Hustle? “To me hustling or a hustle is something you are determined to make happen. You never give up, you never sleep. Not in a literal term, we all need sleep obviously, but you don’t snooze on your business. You’re about your business, you’re about being on top of what you need to make things happen. You are basically always making moves, that’s a hustler. Nothing irks me more than someone trying to convince me to support their business or believe in them, but are not consistent. I hate hearing the excuse “I’m busy” because they work a full-time job or go to school. I hate to sound harsh, but if you’re a true hustler you WILL find a way. You can’t slack when it comes to your grind because people will lose interest. You got to keep the momentum going. Trail blaze!”-Astro Wifey We would like to thank Astro Wifey for taking the time out to share her story with us, make your appointments with her here. Blog: Book appts: Store: Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @astrowifey Chicago Hustles hopes you will visit AstroWifey or keep up with her business as she defines the spirit of Chicago’s Hustle. Also keep an eye out for Tipsy Zine!