Auggie the 9th: GAWS

Auggie the ninth: GAWS

That is an album with various inventive ingenuity concerned, simply how we find it irresistible. The principle time period that got here to thoughts used to be Anime Punk Rap because of its humor, depth and lyrics all with a trill contact. This album will take you for a listening ride throughout the thoughts of Auggie The ninth. GAWS visitor appearances each and every carry a special vibe to the album giving extra selection than your moderate album produced out of Chicago. Shonen Punx with Frank4Fingaz used to be the illest observe together with Manga & Hentai with BlakkAss Westley & ShowYouSuck  (prod. SavierTBO) & Thirst Trap. We loved this album for its ingenious range in sound, lyrics & model.

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First hear you may also say

” What is that this (#GAWS), you will have gotta be kidding…what fantastic energy”

After a 2d pay attention you can be Shonen Punx:

“God constructed me like a tank canine/However wit eight fingers/On the finish of them chainsaws”

After 1/3 Hear:

“A chip off the previous block/This tron/I’m Jeff Bridges/Sooner or later I obtained in/Which make you go obtained rattling/My entire crew go ow idiot yup you bought him”


We see you Auggie the 9th

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