Auggie the 9th: Gaws of Expression

So we went to your website to gather some ideas for initial questions and saw it was random as hell. So we decided to pull a Ms. Mann from scary movie and just free ball it. Here are a few words with Auggie the 9th: Gaws of Expression.


Chicago Hustles: Many people have a few passions so what would you say are your top three and how do you live these throughout your everyday existence in the city?

A9er: I’m passionate about expression; I’d actually say that’s my only passion because I think in that it opposes structure and confinement. I’m good at art in multiple fields, be it art or acting or music or dance or drawing but I actually just do random odd jobs throughout my everyday life so that I can pursue the things I’m passionate at with a cushion of a somewhat financially secure situation. I guess through doing art and artistically directing #GAWS visually and recording and helping mix the project and providing whatever help I can to my friends who are artists I pursue that passion.


Chicago Hustles: The shows you perform in are pretty hype almost having an urban punk vibe with a trap sound. Often you mention PMA (positive mental attitude) how do you give that back to the crowd when you are performing and through your music?

A9er: That actually is Showyousuck’s motto which I do definitely believe but my side of it all is “Let Go”..sorta. I look out and see people just standing there sometimes and think, “Man this is something that’s supposed to be spontaneously novel or exciting! Let go and enjoy! Make this moment memorable! Shout! Play! Grab! Jump! You can be a normal shmuck tomorrow. You’re a normal shmuck for 90% of the day! 50% of your life! Live with us while we pursue our dream and yell with us RIGHT NOW!!” I’m all about being positive though.

Chicago Hustles: As a hype man word to flava flav you seem much more like a group with Showyousuck than a hype man. The chemistry is “so awesome” even we thought you were a duo not just one person. How does it feel to constantly have to explain the difference to new listeners? What does each of you bring to the table when on stage together?

A9er: I’m just the help. I’m literally a fan who got pulled on tour with an artist I respected and somehow mutated into a slightly recognizable part of the show. I think all three of us make the show a show. Dj Sir Manny Muscles is really precise on trying to make the tempo of the show mathematically well-paced with suggestions and data on what the progression would sound like as well as making sure he stays active during our chaotic escapades during the show. ShowYouSuck is the conductor and the composer of the whole shindig. I always tell folks “Oh you liked the songs?! Coool! (Usually less than five feet away from SYS) Tell him! He wrote them all and picked out the beats and everything!” I’m like Lisa Simpson in the intro of The Simpson’s. I’m like “Cool, Let me just feel this out and Jazz it up some!” lol More times than anything people say “Hey, you’re with” or “Don’t you perform with Showyousuck” and I say “yeah” and I thank them for enjoying the show.

Chicago Hustles: On stage you can command a crowd quite well yet you are soft spoken in person it seems. What is it like balancing out a straight edge life style in venues with rowdy often intoxicated supporters, then stepping on stage to greet them in a calm manner? It almost seems like a balance in its own way. How do you find the balance as emcee/rapper and a hype man for a rapper?

A9er: I’m softer spoken off stage so that people aren’t overwhelmed and 100% lost when in conversation with me. People who know me well can tell you that me on stage is pretty much the real me. I’m hella loud in person, I mess and joke with people about their idiosyncrasies. These things are a little hard to really decipher or translate when out and there’s this unspoken 10 minute max window you can really converse with a person who recognizes you from a show or slightly knows you from a function or through someone else. The balance or switch from being loud on stage and being more reserved does help the overall night transition more smoothly especially when strangers are drunk…mainly because they’re drunk strangers…they’re hella unpredictable. Especially when they throw out that 10 minute conversation window…it makes the escape easier lol being on stage as a hype man and being on stage as a rapper are two totally different beasts.


Chicago Hustles: You have rocked quite a few stages since we initially met in 2010 what show was your favorite and what’s one of your most memorable experiences performing in of or out of Chicago?

A9er: My favorite show without a doubt was the red bull sound select show. That was damn near a dream show. Hella people came that knew Show’s music, it was packed, and we just performed. We didn’t have to sugar coat and guide people through it almost at all. Even as a hype man you experience like a euphoria where you’re like, I’m just going to perform the song and you’re invested in expressing it. Not about the sound guy or which side of the stage need more attention. All you care about is delivering the parts of the song so that they convey the same impact you believe them to have.

Chicago Hustles: Will Chicago ever see you grace your own show or tour in 2014? If so give us some hints/details?

A9er: I WANT TO DO HELLA SMALL VENUE AND BASEMENT PARTIES FOR #GAWS. This will happen. I want every experience to be sweltering and intimate.

Chicago Hustles: You seem to have a seriously immaculate drive and work ethic. In your own words how do you take creativity, passion & hustle to the next level in your music and your performance?

A9er: I just want to leave something to be found and for those who come across it to say that what I created was an entity unto itself. I want the music I make to almost feel as interactive as the shows I’m a part of. The same feeling you get when you’re in a public place and its quiet around you but in your head and earphones its loud as shit and you’re able to focus on that one instrument or adlib or filter is what I want to harness in the music and art I’m trying to make. I may be far from accomplishing that at the moment but that’s my goal. Music and art in general have no limitations so whatever I can even try to do or incorporate, I will, just so I can make it my own and so it’s set apart from everything else.

Chicago Hustles: What & who inspires you the most in Chicago? If you could pick a movie one liner to describe yourself what would it be?

A9er: Summer Festival season inspires me the most that and those who perform at all the festivals. Hundreds if not thousands of people feeling accomplished and elated just to be involved in the overall festivity of seeing whoever perform regardless if they know you or not whether you’re really any good or not.

The main quote that sticks out to me right now is “Keep the change…ya filthy animal” from home alone…WHY?? I have no idea


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