Auggie the 9th: PILLL

Auggie the 9th isn’t Above the influence in his latest video #PiILLL (Shot by Frag D Films)

Chicago Artist Auggie The 9th uses the influences of Katsuhiro Otomo’s “Akira”, Kevin Smith’s “Mallrats” and Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall” to paint a portrait for his video #PILLL.

Auggie the 9th   PILLL   YouTube4646

The dark and aggressive video highlights the abuse of concentrated substances by young adults and teens and violent behavior running rampant in the street as youthful gangs wage war and anarchy ensue.

Auggie the 9th   PILLL   YouTube9090

Auggie has been working hard over the last couple of months gaining notoriety for his unique style, live shows, and remixing the likes of Beyoncé, Diplo, King Krule, SZA, Araab Muzik and as of recent Little Dragon which continue to exemplify his versatility as an artist.

Auggie the 9th   PILLL   YouTube

Consider this another glimpse into the mind of Auggie the 9th. The new video “PILLL” has creative rebellious energy which so many of the current videos out there lack due to trying to fit into the stereotype of the “streets”. As a creative publication we enjoy posting videos like this hoping that creativity will spread to other readers like a wild flame. Well done to Auggie and his team keep the innovation flowing.-Chicago Hustles

Watch “PILLL” here:

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