Bomb It 2 Movie Premiere Chicago


Bomb It 2 Movie Premiere Chicago

The Bomb It 2 Movie Premiere Chicago was held at the Chopin Theatre a space we had not frequented yet some how. We arrived at 7:30 as we expected a line around the block but this was not the case. Where were all the graff heads WE KNOW? It was wierd like a show down cowboy scene as the place was empty & a tumble weed rolled through. We checked in and went to see the theatre, pretty nice set up. After waiting around for about 20 minutes to no one present we decide to go grab a drink at a bar very close. As we walked back to the venue around 8:25 after paying the meter we had unclear results on how the night would be attendance wise. Upon entering a full theatre almost “what the hell” was our response as if everyone showed up at the same time together. We found a space front left side to watch the movie which started on time with very little intro from the host. As the lights went down and we scowered the crowd we did not see any of the bboys or graff heads we know anywhere. Not one, not to say the venue was not packed with talent but well we know alot of artist who missed out on this screening. The movie bomb It 2 spans the globe with talent from all over the world explaining why the artist do what they love to do. When initially reaching out to the bombit camp we wanted to be a part of the screening because inspiration & stories of passion can change the world we live in today on a few levels. This is why we were here at the screeening to be inspired. The film drops some serious insight into the world of an artist mind from poor artist to successful writer who use graffiti as an inspiration outlet. The world of graffiti is so misconstrued at times to the public then poorly explained. The documentary Bomb It 2 does a good job of educating the curious onlooker on what it takes, the risk involved and what goes into the random piece of art you are instagraming from your phone.

Chicago Portions: Thor

Thor had a great view point on the truth about future society to which we commend him for. He did not try to paint a story in his segment he told it literally how it was which was priceless from graff to real life. Again another segment in the documentary cut way to short in our opinion for Chicago.

“The wall is about the wrong headedness of our american society in particular.”-Thor
Chicago Portions: Mars CF

MARS dopped gems on his segment. What we disliked is that Chicago rich in history & styles got a pubic hair of light. Literally the video ended with a few words by Mars. Then the credits roled all super fast.

Its bad its a horrible habit”-Mars
We enjoyed Bomb It 2 but in a way it was very a.d.d in production or it seemed a bit rushed. When the lights came up the place cleared out quickly after a quick bathroom run the place was emptied out. The only people left when it finished was the team, two friends and a lot of empty seats that enjoyed a good view into the life of graffiti & street artist. We were the first in and the last to leave, talk about dedication. That’s what we do that’s how serious our passion is.

“I think it’s very important to be able to connect with the people in your community if you can do that visually with what you’ve been given it is better than ending up in a lounge room like in a house like this in a the wealthy suburbs with a certain colored couch.” -Ash Keating 

Bomb It 2 Movie Premiere Chicago had a great turnout and near full room. There were many many artists in attendance from Specter(NYC) to Chicago legends Zore, Bandit and featured artist THOR who was seen in the film as well as Street artists Left Handed Wave, The GrocerShami Noir  and a number of other local graffiti writers/documenters. On behalf of Pawn Works and The Empty Bottle, Thanks in your time, we hope you loved the movie.” –Pawn Works

Thanks Pawn Works & the Bomb It 2 crew to your lodging.

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