Born & Hated: Underdog Champs

We stumbled upon Born & Hated Clothing via Pilsen Skate shop when we saw the B & H with cross bones well we had to stop to look twice. The brand reminiscent of 90’s urban street skate wear Born & Hated: Underdogs Champs keeps it fresh in the streets of Chicago and beyond.


Chicago Hustles: Born & Hated a brand name that’s pretty direct. By the feelings of some in the city Born & Hated is almost like the perfect name for a Chicago clothing brand for so many reasons. Chicago is known for the little pockets of clicks so some brands never make it outside of their networks. How does Born & Hated plan to change this in the city of Chicago?

BH: Our plan is to push the word to all cultures in the city making the people feel comfortable wearing the gear allowing B&H to mean something different to everyone who wears it. Because in reality everyone has a different story.

Chicago Hustles: What is the aim of the brand as a whole? How does it represent Chicago’s underground fashion scene

BH: The aim of the brand is to show proof that people can raise above the hate and look good doing it by wearing our gear. Also it represents Chicago just by the name “BORN&HATED” for those born and raised in this city of haters.

Chicago Hustles: Coming from a fashion background we know keeping up with trends, colorways, styles etc can be overwhelming. How do you keep focused and stay away from what’s pop culture/trendy?

BH: The Chicago market is a very hard and intricate. The fact that there is 4 seasons is one reason and the other fact that there are hundreds of different independent brands in the city already and more popping up every year. We stay humble and try our best to keep every season of B&H clothing FRESH with something that relates but still differentiates from the rest. Well my thought on keeping the B&H Line FRESH is first keeping up with trends because that’s just the way of fashion. Then once the city has their eye on us then we like to drop items that may seem bizarre to the norm.

Chicago Hustles: Who are some of your fashion influences in 2013 that made Born & Hated say we need to step it up? Which is your favorite?

BH: Of course the brands that have been holding Chicago down for a while such as UPRISE, LEADERS, SAINT ALFREDS and JUGRNAUT.

Chicago Hustles: The brand site features djs, skateboarders, graffiti writers plus some. What areas of visual showcase will Born & Hated be expanding the brand into next?

BH: We always include our homies that rep the brand around the USA, from skate trips or homies Djing in other cities, in our videos. We like to promote them as well as promote the brand at the same time so it’s a win win situation. We have a lot more visuals coming soon. But if you want to see a view already juts subscribe to our YouTube channel @bornandhated.

Chicago Hustles: Loving the brands feel as it represents the gritty of Chicago. When is the next collection dropping & what can your new fans expect from the brand?

BH: New gear is definitely in the loop also new fall/winter gear is already online. SO PEEP GAME AT

Chicago Hustles: To be Born & Hated yet rises above the society’s stereotypes and norms takes a great deal of creativity, passion and hustle. Through your past experiences how can other creative entrepreneurs in Chicago make this happen?

BH: You have to be consistent while being able to keep up with the fashion world and put your own two cents in.

Chicago Hustles: How would Born & Hated define the term hustle as a Chicago Brand making heads turn in the city?


BH: The underdog always has the upper hand by being able to surprise people and make moves when no one is looking.

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