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Brain Art Center

“BRAIN ART is utilizing the full potential of the human brain through creative expression and action to make ones life a living art. Brain Art involves gathering and focusing the energy we all have inside to increase physical and mental vitality and improve our health and life.

Brain Art Center

At the BRAIN ART CENTER we will bring our communities together and work towards creating health, happiness, peace. We will do this through learning various forms of mind-body/ fitness training and creative expression!”-Brain Art Center

Chicago Hustles stopped in to check out the new art gallery and have a few words with the owner. We wanted to stay longer to see the showcases but had to attend another function that evening. If you are looking for an owner who firmly beleives in her message, brand and business then working with Brain Arts Center is the best way to go. Make sure to go check out the gallery at 2952 W North Ave and support events going on there as they are trying to genuinely make a positive influence in the community and surrounding area. We wish this new Chicago Arts Center the best of luck in all future endeavors.

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