Brisk Bodega Chicago: DJ Mustard with Do or Die


If you have read with us for a while you remember the trip to Miami from last year which for us as an indie blog yet chosen to be with some of the best was a big deal for us given what all happened in that 46 hours lol. We as an indie mag don’t believe in selling ourselves short as we aim to be keepers of the indie culture. However we know two things for SURE. The indie scene of creatives who ready our post, share, support & love Chicago Hustles also could benefit from over ground corporate exposure in the same manner the corporate Pr Firms, Brands and well established labels we know could use some creative input & support. This is our vision connecting the gap between the under ground & over ground but in a very CREATIVELY BALANCED way. This to say the least is the hard part sometimes but for 2.7 years we have managed it well. This is a recap from Chicago Hustles of our night at the double door with other taste-makers of the Chicago Brisk Bodega event via Vice Magazine.

I was being a bit militant before we left to get to Brisk Bodega Chicago: DJ Mustard with Do or Die on time as Double Door is one of our favorite venues to catch a show in the city hands down. The stage lighting is the best a photographer could ask for & I realized this after capturing Slum Village, Ghostface, Rza, Method Man, Guilty Simpson and others there last year. We rushed out took the 50 Damen and arrived at 8;13 with doors for media to open at 8;30 so we dipped in the old bank turned Walgreens super fast to use the restrooms as we expected to be standing in a long long line. We where mistaken, once arriving the slide gate was stilled pulled down on this abusively humid Saturday so we walked around in Lumia mode capturing the best photos as it was semi wet and also lots reflection opportunities under the blue line track. Lets do a time check 8:30 rolls around Darcy said sure its the right date laughing I said yeah babe it is tonight relax as the front entrance facing west was still closed past start time. So being aggressive we go around to the north exist off Milwaukee and as we get hit with an orgasmic blast of AC we are like hell yes but the door mans face said hell no he said go to the front. We walk around gates still down, rabbit side eye in full effect now so we are like wtf? But that blast of air conditioning made us happy it was cold as ice “inserts Dave Chappelles Rick James voice” inside. The gate comes up slowly as people start to hover confused. We spoke with a few other media brands not asking who was whom but in short double door was late about 18 minutes of opening. Why I don’t know, hip hop shows???

We sign in FIRST in line then the double door staff says “we are not ready with an attitude” so we all shuffle backwards out the door. The girls at the door slightly confused start checking IDS somehow after this the first people there for ONCE are the last to walk in after media…the confusion was real but no worries the humidly was all we were worried about honestly. Upon entering & meeting our point of contact we walk in to go to the bathrooms but passed food. I love sea food so I had my face set on the schrrrrimps which looked blackened actually once I returned. We should of just dug in but it was all still covered. After ordering the drinks which were a first round of 2 #nothalfbad we where ready to try to half & half promoted drink. In truth strong pour but too too sweet & I love sweet drinks.


We look around not sure what to cover or not cover as the expected media turn out was very cliquish & it wasn’t really any music playing during the turn out so there was almost no vibe in the air. As we realized there was no reup on the schrimp, there would be no opening dj spinning during the media reception everything seemed a bit too calm for an out of state celebrity in the house. As we spoke with Angie Starz photos covering the event for a brand we awaited the filling of the venue.


In between a reup of the #TURNUPTEA I darted over to the brisk bodega booth thingy mid floor to not only meet but talk with two local creatives. This is always the highlight of the night and I don’t think anyone really understands how important meeting other passionate people is for me personally. To keep it real we even as photographers in the city with quite the entity behind us still cant find creative endeavors to quench out thirst its often so many hoops to leap through if we do. However when we hear your passionate stories its like refueling our batteries again & again which is why we do what we do. One Brisk Bodega girl a writer the other a make up artist (Jennifer Brown), double win in my book and both passionate to boot!


After talking with them in depth both and a photo later our night was made long before the show. If you are new to us the underground makes life go around to us so to meet those behind the tadah! is more important than the artist or guest to be woo-ed over. We are always & forever at heart an indie zine but if we can help the underground get exposure over ground then that too is balance for us and awesome karma down the line.




The guest pile in all confused going to our new brisk friends set up wondering if they were the bar lol. Silly rabbit! Brisk is for…never mind, we are old school ha ha. We being in early for media directed them to the double dour bar which where giving heavy pours for the night with the Brisk mixers. As Dj Moon Dawg who is new to our ears went on stage it was time to start the show. The intro DJ was on a bit longer than expected and it seemed from observation he had a difficult time reading the crowd with a very un-flowing set of music (it was all over the place). It was said he was going to be an hour but he stopped playing at 11:37 which was 37 minutes over his time slot. You gotta love Hip Hop shows right lol?


As Tree hit the stage the crowd was ready to see some performances. Tree came out with the energy needed to move the crowd. I thought they were a bit too hype for photo sake but we managed to captured some great shots of the performers who are still new to us as they energetically rocked the crowd.




The moment we were all waiting for arrived when Do or Die took the stage as the crowd went wild. We heard people saying through out the crowd “I can’t believe we get to see Do or Die tonight”. The venue was filled with old school nostalgia though the crowd was mixed in ages as they started going into their well known hits.


As we rocked out with the rest of the crowd front row the only distraction from their amazing set was the entourage of guys on stage just standing around holding liquor bottles.


You guys waiters or something lol? The male groupies of Chicago need to stop for real but we’ll save that topic for another post on another day.






As we decided to move to the back satisfied with our picture intake they went into Do you Wanna Ride which made us regret our move from the stage but hey you can’t win them all you know?


Do Or Die put on a great show with Brisk Bodega holding them down. We did expect Twista to come out at any moment but no such luck this show. Make sure to support Brisk Bodega as they continue to bring uplifting cultural experiences to a city near you.

Photos by Durte Genius Photography & Mother Diablo

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