Canon PIXMA PRO City Series Chicago Hosted by COMMON


COMMON, award-winning musician and notable actor, hosted Canon PIXMA PRO City Senses gallery event at Ignite Glass Studios in Chicago. The pop-up gallery event surprised guests in a sensory experience where baseball was brought to life – and COMMON featured a photograph of his own. Attendees experienced innovative sensory gallery, bringing to life Chicago’s favorite past time, baseball, through the power of the Canon PIXMA PRO printers. The gallery featured photographs by our host, award-winning musician and noted actor COMMON, and local photographers Taylor Castle and Kristyna Archer.


COMMON’s featured image, “You Gotta Start Somewhere,” features first base from an inner city little league field, bringing Chicago’s favorite pastime, baseball, to life printed on the PIXMA PRO. The interactive gallery first introduces a sensory trigger to consumers (i.e. sound, touch, smell) and then reveals photographs based on that trigger, giving gallery guests the visual image of what they just experienced.The Canon PIXMA PRO Printer brings these inspiring images to life, creating truly remarkable prints that are displayed in the gallery.


There is also a demo station on site, where consumers can interact with the Canon PIXMA PRO Printer, and even walk away with a signed print by me or one of the two local photographers. At the heart of the campaign, PIXMA PRO City Senses is all about bringing the photographer’s moment in time to life and transporting individuals back to that experience, giving them the visual sensation exactly as it happened, through the power of print.

Chicago Hustles: We due to sickness across the team missed out on this lovely afair. COMMON is a photographer?  This alone was worth going to see how one of the busiest and BEST  emcess from Chicago views the world through a lens.  In society we often get caught up in how we view or  perceive artist once they “make it” rarely remembering unless they mention to us through their popular medium that they too once had other passions as well.  As photographers ourselves  we looked forward to meeting with Taylor Castle & Kristyna Archer to gather their ideas on the show. If you are reading this ladies email us when you have your next show! Thank you Canon PIXMA PRO for showing us some love even though we couldn’t make it out. Hopefully next time.



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Stay Passionate, Go Hustle

Photo Credit: Tasos Katopodis, Getty Images Entertainment

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