Adam DeVarney: The Isolated Hero

Chicago-based visual artist, Adam DeVarney: The Isolated Hero, creates mixed media pieces involving collage and illustration wood in his Pilsen studio. The male subjects of DeVarney’s work recall the icons and heroes of American culture– cowboys, astronauts, pilots, and powerful business men– but they are isolated in their respective frames, depicted with vacant eyes and… Continue reading Adam DeVarney: The Isolated Hero

Courtney Cintron: A Song of Passion

We met Courtney Cintron through one of our favorite venues Gallery Bar Chicago which is a local hotspot for emerging talent. After an event we struck up a conversation about astrology leading into a conversation about passion and creativity. This is when she alerted us to her singing talents, future company and what it’s like… Continue reading Courtney Cintron: A Song of Passion

Astro Wifey: Tipsy Goes Hard

Chicago Hustles Journal met AstroWifey on the Futura X Cognac experience again in August 2012. After viewing her web site we concept what she did was once very attention-grabbing so we made up our minds to attach along with her to share how she received to such inventive success. AstroWifey is a very interesting name… Continue reading Astro Wifey: Tipsy Goes Hard

Eric Hines: Cityscape Chicago

Chicago Hustles Magazine is graced with the amazing talent behind “Cityscape Chicago” by  to talk about his amazing video representing Chicago at night & beyond. First and foremost this video is amazing, as photographers ourselves we are often severe critics but when we saw this we where in awe LITERALLY. It is obvious you are… Continue reading Eric Hines: Cityscape Chicago