Charles Tillman 3 Annual Probowler Charity Event


After our much enjoyed review of our first time blowing experience Kings Rosemont reach back out entrusting us to cover the Charles Tillman 3 Annual Probowler Charity Event. This to say the least was an honor as well as a great experience for Chicago Hustles Magazine.

The evening started with guest arriving rather early as the VIP area was loaded with press & news footage crews waiting for the Chicago Bears Players to arrive. After checking in ourselves and receiving our badges we made our way slowly around the venue to see how we would best capture the event. After checking in and a few new introductions we ran into Charles Tillman immediately as some of the early guest wanted to pose for a photo. No problem this is great thus far. The energy in the air was great; guest came in smiling and ready to suit up with their team for some bowling at 7. As we wondered around capturing the details before the place was package we noticed a lot of work went into this by the Kings Rosemont staff & Charles Tillman’s Cornerstone Foundation. As I walked outside to get different angles of the line we noticed it was a long one.


The sun was playing hide and seek so it was a lot of waiting for that right sun burst to capture some shots outside of Kings. The food prep was great as always as the guest arrived through the patio & the front though the main area was in the VIP lounge where some of the players would be speaking before the bowling commenced.


We saw fox news and a few other media badges floating around but tried to remain focused on our goal capture the fun. In the front of the entrance there were Chicago Bear footballs ready to be purchased for charity.
At about 6:25 the players started arriving one by one. We expected linemen because the players looked average size in comparison to the regular guy at a bar. We have never met NFL players except Michael Irving back in the 90’s so we had no idea the size of the gents who hold the city down. As each arrived we asked for photos which they humbly obliged.


The Chicago Bears are a group of humble guys which we appreciate highly as it made them repeatedly approachable. The venue started to fill out and we walked around taking candid’s and a few group shots with the locals supporting this amazing charity event.


Again such a great atmosphere set for the evening because everyone was cheerful, happy and ready to bowl! As I grabbed one photo of the team outside it was time for some important shots for the media. As all of us scurried in I was prompted to get on top of the bar for the best shot which put me on a pedestal for viewing lol. No worries we didn’t fall but got the shot intended of the player’s semi-circle behind the kings of Rosemont backdrop.

The teams where all suited up and ready to go, it’s time to bowl. The tricky part about shooting in or on a bowling alley is the standing room is very close to none. Every time we went for one shot we were in someone else’s lane it was like running across a highway in the movies. As we zigzagged across the lane getting the best shots possible we heard, different emotions shouted into the air some good lol some bad ha-ha. This is fun we thought as Charles Tillman took the microphone after posing with the ever so chill mascots in uniform (probably burning up in there) for the intro speech & introduction to the players.


As he called out each Chicago Bears team member assigning them to their lane the crowd went wild with each one. As usual in such a scenario phones, cameras and hands are out to capture or be shown some love from the players. As we stood in the exact middle of all lanes where there is a standing path it was time for Charles Tillman to deliver the opening bowl.

charlestillmanprobowlercharity143   Flickr   Photo Sharing

After Charles delivered the opening bowl which left all of two pins standing the crowd cheered. They cheered even louder when he posed with two members of the United States Army for a photograph.


At this point everyone is geeking out, suited up and ready to bowl the night away in laughter so we ran around capturing more photos of the teams. It was great people watching when I wasn’t standing in someone’s lane shooting lol. The players never shied away from signing a ball, shirt, jersey etc. they were such great entertainers on the humble.




It was a pleasure to just chill and chop it up with Tim Jennings who I ended up standing next to for a bulk of the time in the middle safe zone of the alley. As I bounced between our Dslr & the Nokia Lumia 1020 we captured around 300+ photos in less than 3 hours.


On my way to the VIP area to take a breather I get stopped by a voice asking “Are you Chicago Hustles?” by two nice ladies with big smiles. I was totally thrown off at this point as I didn’t know if they were twitter followers, Facebook friends etc. I just didn’t recall. It turned out to be our friend Anthony’s (see here) mother who greeted me with the nicest hug telling me how much she enjoyed out review of Rosemont which was largely because of her son. This was the icing on the cake for the evening as we walked around meeting, greeting and conversing with other patrons out at Kings Rosemont for the Charles Tillman 3 Annual Probowler Charity Event.

Third Place

Second Place

First Place

As we hurried over to see the announced winners we were stopped to help Charles Tillman carry the 51” Plasma TV for the first place winners. The first place winners started dancing when DJ Snake & Lil Jon – Turn Down for What came on followed by the LMFAO – Shots song. They were happy but it seemed win or lose so was EVERYONE at the event. The Charles Tillman 3 Annual Probowler Charity Event was a success on so many levels and we see why after reading Charles Tillman’s everything. We are TRULY honored that Kings Rosemont trusted us to capture the event for the Cornerstone Foundation. The only thing that left us puzzled after it was all over is who from the winners gets to keep the TV? We will never know…

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