Chicago ABSOLUT® Lunch Break


Chicago ABSOLUT® Lunch Break at the once Excalibur now titled the “Castle” was a fun function. It seems that it fell on alot of deaf ears as it maxed out to maybe 35 people tops at once. The dance floor rocker of this semi cloud humid after noon was DJ COLLETTE. We ran into a few of our creative entrepreneur friends one being  Tony Martin &  the Czboogie of 5 magazine. The choice drink during this one hour or celebration was the Absolut Lunch Break, which consisted of Absolut Vodka, Recent Lemon Juice, Cranberry Juice and Membership Soda.  That is surely a recipe we will be able to be attempting once more this weekend because it equipped a pleasant clean style with the correct amount of kick to it. We’re not certain how we have by no means heard of or had considered DJ COLLETTE who sings whereas spinning nevertheless it used to be relaxing to observe her operate for the blended aged crowd who stored the dance flooring rocking once we entered. We left with out grabbing a lunch bag from what we heard which consisted of a peanut butter sandwich however had fun. We stay up for attending extra of  these capabilities hoping they’re prolonged for two hours at some point as lunch breaks fluctuate extremely. Benefit from the photographs.

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