Chicago Beat Swap Meet 2







The weekends Chicago Beat Swap Meet 2 was a very interesting event to attend for those vinyl enthusiasts. We missed it last time to which we heard it was maybe half as packed so were glad we decided not to party to hard the night before to swing through. The Beat Swap only costing a mere $5 included dj sets by Impala Sound Champions, Luck of Lucien, Maker, Mamma Bear, Meaty Ogre, Radius & others & was worth every penny. The gems we saw in some of the crates were astounding (Wanted Richard Prior Live for example) and could of spent literally the whole day digging through each box/crate. We just started dabbling in turntablism a little and wanted to find some records to practice mixing with that were soulful and affordable the beat swap did not dissapoint. The amount of 45’s present where also so vast, so many to look at and comb through! As youngsters growing up literally staring at record albums for hours this made the event twice as funky as a visual experience. When ones takes the time to ponder how far we have leaped into technology there is still nothing like the originality of old vintage album art to us. The atmosphere was very laid back because music was the days focus & digging for old music to create new music. We heard another Chicago Beat Swap Meet was in the works so look for the upcoming info here.

Here is a bit of the scenery we captured & Please support your local indie labels like Cherry Records!

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