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The Chicago Bloggers Network 500th Member also referred to as #CBN500 was held at RM Champagne Salon a cozy little bar with an amazing pation which happen to be closed off that day because it was a littttle on the chilly side. The Chicago Bloggers Network events are always a great time  and opportunity to network with other fashion, food, & lifestyle bloggers in Chicago. Every event we attend we meet a different set of bloggers with unique stories to tell and share with Chicago Hustles. This event offered very delicious eats with complimentary 4 complimentary cocktail choices &  two wine choices. The Atlantico Sol which included Anlantico Platino Rum, Simple Syrup Fresh Lime, Pineapple Juice & Peychaud’s was the choice of the night to loosing us up for some conversation.  This evenings great convos began with the Owner &  intern of  HoneyBeeWeddings a member of the network & 6 year old Wedding Planning Business. The amount of planning that goes into a wedding is immense we learned so much from Melissa Daniel the owner. Afterwards we took a break to take some time out to try the nibbles that where being passed around. We got to talk to Jess & Jill for a second about the event & a few other important people that realized we were not going to get to meet AGAIN ;) I do what to say you ladies captured the best photos of the venue & event by far. We feel ashamed but next time we will be prepared lol. We had some photo banter with (we look forward to seeing you again!)  enjoyed the photos you captured girlie. Our longest convo was with  JRebeccaStyle  & we recall talking her poor head off (sorry!). Last lovely bloggers we met before the night faded away were Y.S Mag Live & Charlotte B., creator of Milknhonee who shared there entrepreneurial endeavors with us as well. Until the next time fellow entrepreneurs/bloggers, never let anything stop you from achieving your dreams & desires.


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