Chicago Food Film Festival


The Chicago Food Film Festival exceeded our expectations tonight. Let us say that again it EXCEEDED our expectations. Chicago Hustles is not only mad, this is our first time attending but as equally upset we could only attend for ONE day out of FOUR amazing nights on the bill. We walked in a little late so we were not sure if we missed the first screening movie or not. Imagine going to your favorite theatre to watch indie films with fellow creatives & food, yeah it was like that. We walked in sitting in the far right second row to the back right in time to see our favored amongst two films starring Edward Wohl titled “Edward Wohl: At Home In The Shop“. As a fan of the wood works and creating with natural elements this made us wish we had already belonged to a local woodwork shop of some sorts to create our own items. Are there any here in Chicago if so PLEASE LINK US. Then after the film which had the most laughs we all come to find out Edward & director David Eisenberg are sitting in the middle row of the theatre! We couldn’t hear much of what Edward said when he spoke but one of his cutting boards which are all uniquely made was auctioned off quickly for $375 for a local charity.


The other film that really stuck with us changing our vision of food & nature over all was EAT LOVE by director Kelly Le Castre featuring the every so stylish Marije Vogelzang. The way the director put together this piece felt like a creative mushroom trip inspired short film with the way the skies had split hues, the colors were super vibrant and Marije had a very eclectic vintage style. Marije Vogelzang goes on to give her philosophy of food, family, life and loving nature her presence must be one to encounter in person. All of the films were great the ones mentioned just hit individual notes with each of us, I missed the last from a short search of wine only to again run into Debbie Pressmen who was as amazing via email as she was in person (loud movie applause) only to go through a few doors before running into a guy 6 foot plus with a Viking helmet. Our first thought…FLAVAAAAAA FLAVE, but there was no clock so we scurried past him back up to our seat waiting for the after party. The after party held down the hall was great as it had a warm dim light yet light colorful demeanor. We consumed a lot of shrimp, cheese from Jarlsberg (we are HUGE FANS) booth & red wine from M. Chapoutier. As our night faded both of us tired we decided to exit as our tweets indicated our state of being.



We rarely tweet  at an event because we like to take it all in but when its good you have to show love immediately. Darcy had to go to the ladies room and came out marveling at the weird arm thing to make sure you don’t touch doors before you exit the bathroom. As we proceeded to get infected again by life lol touching the doors to exit we kind of slow walked to enjoy the cement plant thingy at Chicago & Halsted  across the river which was great for a photo but both of us were too tired to put out the cams in the drizzle. This review is not paid for our words on this site are always very genuine as we are severe critics, let me say again SEVERE. On an arts level this event was amazing, for creatives in Chicago who love film, artistry & great unique dishes this is a MUST. If you want to go you have 2 days left. What we suggest is opening your mind to the passion of others and let it or allow it to fuel your passion as we all evolve on a creative level into our purpose. This was our experience tonight we are still high from the creative experience.




Stay Passionate, Go Hustle

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