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Chicago Hustles is Seeking Guest Bloggers or Writers currently with a passion to share their experiences in Chicago. We think that we all have something to learn, share & offer each other in life through sharing our experiences. We enjoy promoting other passionate writers & bloggers because our mission is to inspire Chicago’s future Creative Entrepreneurs. Our blog is of creative/entrepreneurial nature so anything inspirational, passionate & entrepreneur based is highly welcomed. Our primary focus when we started was inspiring struggling artist in Chicago but saw most were well on their way through HUSTLE to becoming creative entrepreneurs like US. Our story like many is one of passion, trial & error with many losses; so we understand how much one random story from someone who feels insignificant can change the WORLD these days via social media. We’d love to hear from you all weekly, share & fully credit your post & images for our readers to see. See the guidelines below.


  • Articles must be 500 words to 750 words with one image.
  • Article must include a picture with the appropriate reference at least 750 pixels by 500 pixels.
  • Articles need to be original, never-before-published and free from anyone else’s copyrights.
  • Please put the entire article in the body of the email OR attach as a Microsoft Word doc (Do not attach as a pdf file or any other type of file.)
  • All articles should be proofread/edited to some degree as via time restraints we can’t guarantee perfect proofreading.
  • (Please do not be offended if asked for changes. It is our goal to provide quality and accurate articles for our readers.)
  • After publication make sure to: ping, tweet, stumble upon, pin, facebook & google + your article so we can like & share it again.
  • A Submission does not guarantee publication. If accepted, you will be notified by email immediately with publish dates or edits.
  • We cannot guarantee a certain date for publication. As submissions are approved they will be published normally on Mondays, Weds or Thursdays.
  • Up to 4 social media or promotional links added to post. Use them wisely.

Email us your article to We look forward to receiving your submissions as well as sharing them within Chicago’s amazing Creative Entrepreneur community.

The goal create to inspire because believe it or not, your passion is EVERYTHING.

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