Chicago Hustles: Jessie and Jaime Are Not together


Jessie & Jaime Are Not Together is a first feature lesbian musical, Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together follows two best friends, Jamie (Jacqui Jackson) and Jessie (Jessica London-Shields), through a lesbian love affair. Jamie is two weeks away from moving from Chicago to New York to become a Broadway actress. Her roommate and best friend, Jessica, is in love with Jamie. The closer the days get to Jamie’s big moving day, the more Jessica tries to make Jamie jealous by sleeping around with other girls. This is where love, lust, and friendship find itself tangled in a love triangle between Jamie, Jessie, and Rhonda (Fawzia Mirza). Jessie & Jaime Are Not Together starred our close friend Fawzia Mirza and we adopted her to the after celebration which was once rather fascinating lol.