Chicago Hustles Journal February 2013 To Do Listing

Chicago Hustles Journal February 2013 To Do Record is insane with musical performances and we’re stretching now for the entire leg work developing. This tune record is compiled via our ever rising make stronger group who’re down with Chicago Hustles Journal so revel in share and like with your mates. When you have an experience please ship it to Practice FEBRUARY 23rd @ Q4/MULTIKULTI

With Performances by:

Cutz On Cuts (Moppy, Shazam Bangles, RTST)
Lagos (Radius etc & Leo 123)
Tim Zawada
Boogie Munsters
Studio Casual
Ross Kelly & B. Walsh (Night Moves DJs)
DJ Mass Transit
Impala Sound Champions (Dave Mata & Esteban La Groue)

Hosted By: Keter Darker


Quennect 4 Gallery Chicago is a collaborative effort to maintain a dedicated cultural and activist center focused on community involvement through arts and grassroots actions.


Cappadonna of Wu-Tang Clan with Killah Priest , Bronze Nazareth, M-Eighty…Sun. 02/24 Doorways 60’s Basement birthday celebration is again!  

Fooseball, Pool, Dancing, FUN!

$three Highlife Tallboys, $four Malort.


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