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The Chicago optimum of  a controversial documentary movie about rising up a Jehovah’s Witness, TRUTH BE TOLD.  Because of the contemporary publicity of a number of kid intercourse abuse instances in opposition to the faith, this movie exploring the oppressive hang the Watchtower Society has on its contributors, is especially well timed and is a should-see for any individual excited about this extraordinary religion.


 “TRUTH BE TOLD lifts the veil on the seemingly benign Jehovah’s Witnesses religion to expose a profit-driven, isolationist culture characterized by fear, totalitarian corporate leadership, intellectual & spiritual intimidation, suspension of critical thinking, failed prophecies, doctrinal inconsistency and improper handling of physical and sexual abuse allegations within the church. See former Jehovah’s Witnesses candidly discuss growing up inside the religion. They reveal experiences including the effects of proselytizing door-to-door, shunning non-observant family and friends, suffering the discouragement of pursuing dreams like gaining a higher education, missing other societal holidays and customs. And more…

 Stick around after the film for a special Q&A session with director Gregorio Smith and special guests.

Directed by Gregorio Smith
Music by George Ilijin

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