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On Memorial Day 2014 Chicago Hustles decided to step onto the waters of Chicago’s River with our good friends Chicago Water Taxi. Chicago Water Taxi invited us to come down & experience a ride with them anytime during the warmer season so of course we had to oblige right? I mean who would want to mix experiencing one of Chicago’s premier tourist trips with professional camera equipment on the waters of Chicago, NOT US that’s who.

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After a long memorial day weekend which included a dinner of sorts at Jerry’s Andersonville & a weird movie (the worlds end), Kings Rosemont Experience, A Sunday BBQ with tough creative trivia, & a full semi cloudy rain expect day left soooo we had to hit the waters as we had a guest in town. After many times shooting off of Wacker and randomly waving at the Chicagoans/Tourist in the water it was our turn to sit in the Chicago Water Taxi Seat and well wave back to our city.


On our way to the Chicago Water Taxi it was a pickaboo sun day (as we call them and a bit humid as well) so we dipped in to pick up a few waters at Walgreen off Michigan ave right before the Trump Towers. As we made our way out the elevator to the main level we looked out to see one Water Taxi just leaving, drats. We have been in Chicago for 10 years mind you but still had not a clue how the Chicago Water Taxi worked, operated or traveled. On our way down the steps I focused on the watch your step sign and well almost kissed the concrete smh. Okay get focused I thought. As we looked at the sign it said next one 4:45 it was now 4:18 time to post up & people watch our favorite past time. While conversing we saw the Silver Guy who street performs often on Michigan avenue walking over the bridge having a cigarette only to stop and lounge at some young kid who screamed very loud ha ha which rippled over the river.



When the Chicago water Taxi finally came we explained our place there and looked for a seat which well left us standing as we wanted to be outside for photo sake. The taxi holds about 40 people I’d say but outside only about 18 both sides combined so get early in line if you want to be outside!


As the boat pushed away from the pier ish area we din’t know how this was going to work. We where invited by Chicago Water Taxi so I mean how can this be bad they are amazingly engaging on social media and always keep the riders well informed. The only snag of this day was the over cast and predicted rain no big deal after this past winter a thunder storm is like a feather tickle right?


As we started right past the TRUMP TOWERS only sporting “TRU” at the moment we couldn’t help but laugh out loud (jokes).


After going over the Chicago river so many times I never realized how narrow it was UNDER the bridges when you have a few boats on the water. As the shoreline sightseeing strolled through another water taxi, a few rented boats & random jet skis it was still serene to be on the water again (twice this warm season thus far).


For what its worth corniness aside its amazing how long one can live in Chicago and not see so much of it. A photographers we moved twitched jerked and jumped to every view we saw in excitement though we where sailing largely into dark clouds.


So hell bent on getting the best shots for this review which we tried we decided to stand outside in the rain as it rained over the Chicago River near the China Town location. As Darcy sat under the stairs looking a war criminal lol the rain only lasted about 20 minutes of the 60 minute ride.

Aviary Photo_130418857477051407

No worries we where able to witness so many bridges, under passes, epic views we would not of normally gotten to see. As the boat turned around from China town to double back we helped other families getting on at other stops capture their photo moments as we headed back to the Mag Mile stop.


We then realized we missed the Gooseisland stop. After speaking wit hthe informative employee on board we were told to just stay on as it doubled back around so we ended up getting off at Lasalle stop where we waited to go check out the view from there to Goose Island. As we flagged a following Chicago Water Taxi the captain alerted us there would be no boat due to the Holiday going to that stop.


So with smiles on our faces an hour on the Chicago River behind us we then started to plot what to eat!

The Chicago Water Taxi is awesome and even more so VERY AFFORDABLE for a chill day on the Chicago River for any photographer, architect or visual enthusiasts. Don’t let these photos detour you from capturing the best on a sunny day. The staff was informative, nice and you could tell they loved their job. We realized we missed a stop so we got off then signaled another boat that alerted us the north shore stop wasn’t available on holidays. No worries we are going back in July sometime to ride again with the Chicago Water Taxi. Check out the Chicago Water Taxi our new friends on twitter as well as the photos and tell us what you think!

We have more photos on our INSTAGRAM HERE.


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