Chicago Hustles x Nokia Lumia 1020: Craft Beer Cruise

This is the beginning of a 14 day series of post specifically for the Nokia Lumia 1020 which #connectstrial has let us demo for a while. We read so many reviews of the phone by Tech heads we rarely get to hear how some devices manage for creative entrepreneurs in the field. We live in such a media/photo intense world and such opinions are things our readers, blogger colleagues and younger photo enthusiast would like to know more about. This is what we are attempting to do with our new photo/mobile device is push it to the limit to show you what can be done in a city as great as Chicago.



Many of you know it’s current Chicago Beer Week which for many of you is the most amazing week of the year but for us its a split celebration. Darcy loves beer I unfortunately do not but taste it here & there out of curiosity. We reached out to the heads in charge of the Beer Week with no results whatsoever as we are sure they are busy but instead responded to an email quickly that landed us aboard the Mystic Blue last minute to partake in the #CraftBeerCruise on behalf of Chicago Hustles.

This Craft Beer Cruise featured beers from:

12% | 3 Sheeps | Against the Grain | Ale Syndicate | Atomium | Brooklyn Brewery | Central Waters | Duvel/Ommegang | Flossmoor | Gambrinus | Goose Island | Jolly Pumpkin | Local Option | MKE Brewing | Small Town | Summit Brewery | Tallgrass | Uinta | Upland | Virtue

I met the misses downtown at Grand red line and walked with her taking photos on the way with the Nokia Lumia 1020 which drew attention to us due to its bright canary yellow casing. The sun was warming our back, the shadows were just right and the wind was in our favor for photography today. The main goal of this Thursday CRAFT Beer Cruise was to capture photos with the Lumia 1020 showcasing the Craft Beer Cruise atmosphere, food & beverages over Lake Michigan.


As we arrived to the Mystic Blue after going through what seemed like a maze inside Navy Pier due to construction we where still quite early. The event began at 5 and went until 8 but so many Chicagoans still had to get off work so it was a semi slow arrival that maxed out quickly.

After we checked into the Mystic Blue we as always looked for the person who made it possible to show our gratitude in person. We were told she hadn’t arrived just yet so we having had a mini hike went for the food dishes. I loaded up my mini plate with chicken tenders, cucumbers, these veggie tequito thingies and some honey mustard.



After the misses had a beer in hand we headed to the second level to admire the Chicago Skyline while the boat was still docked.


Though she didn’t favor her first beer due to it being a bit sour the beauty of the sun setting, skyline, and serenity in the air made up for anything that could possible go wrong. We took photos with our dslrs & phone trying to get that solid instagram shot lol (*sigh* I know, I know).


After the nibbles we went back inside for a re up to enjoy a conversation and a great vantage point near the Milwaukee Brewery table. Darcy said taste this, I tasted it…hmmm not bad for a beer.


This beer was the O-Gii Imperial Wit created by Kurt Mayes a beer infusing rishi tea, wheat beer & ginger which gave it an asian character profile. This would be the first beer I have EVER finished in my life (it was only 4 oz). As I marveled in the fact I found a beer that I actually like we took more pictures. The Lumia 1020 is one of the quickest focusing camera phones I have ever used, though how it saves its photos is another story but I haven’t read any manuals yet. I decided to add a handle grip onto it for easier handling which seemed to draw a lot of attention to us which was more than I wanted but hey, the phone is bright yellow lol. We decided to head to the second level again and ran into our good friend Chicago Beer Geeks. This is his turf and he is amazingly knowledgeable about his beer in every way & form. We played catch up from our night of adventure at Run The Jewels with Goose Island to be interrupted by the boat moving. The ship has set sails! Not really but you know what I mean it was moving from the pier.



We then ran into @ChicagoBites while power striding to the bathroom lol. It is always great to catch up with twitter peeps your follow or follow you in person. I told her to look for the guy with the yellow phone shooting too many pictures via a tweet tuesday and she said hers would be purple. I wish someone would of been there to catch my swift head turn when I heard “Chicago Hustles????”. We have a drinks gathering in the works so that is awesome as well. Good times. We then grabbed some more O-Gii and headed to the third level which was the open air level of the Mystic Blue it is here we engaged in a few conversations about Chicago, the Lumia 1020 on a handle for video stability and how tweeting during an event makes you miss beautiful shots often. The live tweets going on downstairs where part of a contest to win some tickets I believe but we were in photo mode just enjoying the brief step away from Chicago’s shore. I felt like a salesman explaining the Lumia to our new social friends we made who surprisingly had never heard of it AT ALL. No worries we have provided photos through out this post ALL shot with the Nokia and our creative eyes(consider this a Beta post haha). The Mystic Blue was only away from the peer for about 45 minutes allowing everyone to take that magic sunset shot which was damn near amazing as usual. I can’t say anything beats Chicago’s skyline from water or air NOTHING. As the boat returned slowly to the dock we asked Chicago Beer Geeks what were his plans for Friday as we have a guest in town and a few options where discussed.


The last call was made over the speaker by the dj who was just okay music wise, but man was he pushing those hashtags (hustle)! As the last called ended we saw many attendees deciding anxiously over which beer to use one of their provided 4 drink tickets over, so many good choices as we over heard, so the pressure must of been intense. No worries as the boat docked drink & carry became the option I didn’t catch the brand but the root beer was my second favorite it tasted just like old fashion Chicago root beer but was real beer! We grabbed two and made our way to front dock as we grabbed our final shots with the dslrs & the Lumia 1020.


As we walked back through Navy Pier, to grand red line we stopped to be our artsy self’s laughing and joking about random things we both observed at the event. I can say this was an amazing start to a few great partnerships, memorial day & a new found love for weird beer. We sincerely thank @LakeshoreBev, @MysticNavyPier, #CraftBeerCruise & @Connects for allowing us to bring another creative review to YOU from within the city we love so much, Chicago.



This is Nokia Lumia 1020 #Connectstrial day one, 13 more to go so stay tuned here as well as our instagram. All photos in post shot with Lumia 1020 in auto mode except one (can you tell which?). I will be using the phone like I would the dslr with custom setting starting Friday. Stay Tuned as this project unfolds.[/vc_column_text][vc_video title=”Craft Beer Cruise” link=””][/vc_column][/vc_row]