Chicago Hustles x Nokia Lumia 1020: Jerrys Andersonville

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Chicago Hustles x Nokia Lumia 1020: Jerrys Andersonville

Last night misses brother came in town for the memorial day weekend so we decided to head somewhere walking distance and close to grab a bite that would be potentially photogenic. The decision after much deliberation was Jerrys in Andersonville one of our favorite places to dine because of the drinks which are always on point and vast in variety with GREAT sandwiches. After taking a 8 minute stroll to warm us up we arrived at Jerrys which was hopping as usual so we opted to sit on the patio as we had never seen the patio open in our few visits there with friends and family. After being greeted we told the very nice host we where opting for the patio, even though it was in the low 60’s. The patio was semi lit by the alley with only two other tables outside. We asked our nice accommodating server “James” a tall gentleman wearing rolled up leg shorts if we could move to a table that had an umbrella as they were equipped with the lighting which I desired to test the nokia 1020 in low light conditions without a flash. I hate flash photography as you can’t edit it once its blown out which happens in many an instagram photo. Once James moved us we ordered a Solemn Oath Most Important Beverage of the Day, Victory Dirt Wolf 2IPA & Leopold Rocky Mountain Peach Whiskey.

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As we dove into politics, the government and the cost of living in Chicago we deliberated over what to order. Jerrys carries an extensive menu of amazing sandwiches so each time we return we try to mix it up just a little bit. As I sipped my Leopold Rocky Mountain which tasted like raisins I couldn’t help but take a few shots with the Lumia 1020.

jerrys andersonville

Impressive for sure. The way the Nokia Lumia 1020 focuses so fast in low light is amazing, it picks up light very vividly it just takes too many apps to achieve what can be done in my Note 2. This camera is definitely for you foodie instagrammers who love picking up the the details food has to offer. As my Eric T Blackened chicken, applewood bacon, avocado, feta, lettuce, mango-chipotle chutney with bacon cheddar fries (which I requested) it was time to dig in and take a few photos. I didn’t aim for the best here but did grab a shot or two to test it out on food (see other post). After our second round of drinks which included Dark Horse Tres, Surly Furious IPA & Sazerac Crisp orchard fruit, vanilla-infused honey, caramel, cinnamon, mint, clove we realized the drinks were not warming us up lol. By this time one of the other table had gotten up and moved inside so the patio was ours as we ranted about a few things as usual haha. As we paid the check & exited Jerrys we power walked home to warm up after the delicious but chilling dinner.

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All in all a great night with the lumia 1020 smart phone/camera phone which is the future as far as sensors for smartphones & delicious eats at Jerrys Andersonville. More test to come, stay tuned. All photos with Nokia Lumia 1020 edited with Aviary app for Windows 8.

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