Chicago Rides The Red Bull


Chicago Rides The Red Bull. As members of an active culture physically during the day or mentally in the long hours of the night we often need an extra push to keep us going. Red Bull over the years has been the go to for those entrepreneurs running on low energy giving them that creative stimulation needed to push a few hours more. Our good friends at Red Bull Chi wanted us to lace you guys with a quick review of the newest tasting red bull flavors on the market in case you haven’t tried them. We all know caffeine is an entrepreneurs best friend RIGHT?


We were told the Red Bull guys would be coming by to drop off a few cases as we waited we wondered how many flavors were there. When they arrived we didn’t expect year supply of Red Bull, not even in the slightest. So if you see us out and about just kind of hovering in the crowd it’s due to our new found wings of flavor.


 The Flavors:

The regular Red Bull flavor is the classic. It’s always had a very tart taste with that slight after taste kick that jolts you a little. Chicago Hustles finds itself cracking one or two of these open around 3 am when the eyes get heavy. This is often when Chicago Hustles comes up with the best ideas though! So if you are a creative night owl save the regular for when you need it most as it’s the strongest out of the flavors.


The Silver Edition is hands down the best citrus lime flavored energy drink I’ve had in years. It’s light, crisp and refreshing with no after taste or over bearing sweetness. We found this to be a great edition as a mixer with Vodka including a splash of Simply Lemonade. The Silver Edition is for those days you plan to head out to the beach enjoy some frozen drinks & great bites with friends. This summer the Silver Edition will be the main go to for certain. Note: when combined with mountain dew you will be on a whole new level of energy.


The Blue Edition is tasty, very tasty to the point we had to force ourselves to stop drinking them. Anything blue berry wins with us in most cases so after four cans in an hour we realized this could get ugly fast. We found The Blue Edition great on the go as well as for casual cocktail making because it’s a bit more carbonated than the Silver or the Red. If you like flavored energy drinks this one is for sure an instant favorite waiting to happen.


The Red Edition is a cranberry like Red Bull energy drink which we often spotted early morning commuters drinking it. It was our least favorite for some reason but we are not quite sure why. We imagine if you are an early bird type this one would be for you if you enjoy carbonated juice with a slight kick on your early commute. We mixed with Vodka as well and it still didn’t work well for our taste buds. Oh well you can’t win them all right?


We thank Red Bull for supplying Chicago Hustles Magazine with a year supply of their delicious products to keep the energy going in the office. In our honest opinion you can NEVER go wrong with The Silver Edition. Hopefully Red Bull will make a peach, strawberry, or orange flavor in the future. Also check out the Red Bulletin Red Bull’s magazine. The latest has Pharell Williams on it one of Hip Hop Cultures main innovators & motivators. Stay tuned for more collaborations with Chicago Hustles & Red Bull!


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