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Chicago TGIF Right? To include ALL religious or lack of etc it’s still Friday. So bare with our rants of randomness. In actuality for any creative entrepreneur its always Friday, “IF” we play our cards right. RIGHT!? We have issues with consistency/patterns because it makes us feel robotic and we bore easily so we will try to bring you our weekly wrap up of things we notice on social media via #trends or in #CHICAGO. Let begin Shall we?

This week has been weird from emails (India SEO companies), to friend request on twitter (bombarding us with twitter follower sales), to responses on Instagram (in Japanese). Sometimes you have to just sit there with your drink and just say, NAH.

Jay-Z lyrics comes to mind “And if you caught me on the foul note you would sing me the same song”. We always loved that line because it means put us in your shoes when you hit us up as we do you. So we respect the #hustles but come on my man, #hustleharder.

This week’s weirdness, sheesh where to begin?

Mini Cooper Stunt Drivers:

The Light is about to turn yellow here comes speed racer taking up the whole front seat with no passenger (often bearded) semi stocky bro. You’re speeding by all fast to hit the same light we do? Then it’s that look of wtfuckness in the air as we sit there only for you to slowly speed up after the light to left signal then merge right. I’m not even mad but on a sick day I could probably sneeze your car into Bitchita, Kansas and here you are endangering lives to be cool, NO.


We are in Chicago you know where whole city blocks sink in, with CARS? Yeah its cool to text and long board but keep in mind you need those legs and well texting while boarding against a mom in an SUV with a child leads to you, with no legs. We use to skate so enjoy your freedom but do it respectfully to your safety first and those of others so no hands are forced. Is it cool to lose your legs over texting, NO

Banking as a Business:

Simply put it sucks. In our opinion OVER ALL. So you aren’t happy with charging us for business accounts that don’t meet your quotas or creating a form of lending out of nothing as the value of the dollar diminishes, or depositing worthy checks into your empty banks to fund those with no money but high end favors? Simply put, fuck off you rich jerks.

EX: If you are a freelancer living check to check and to deposit one check with an empty fridge means you have to wait 2-3 more days for it to clear when all the major banks are condensed into four why the long wait? This alone is depressing to us who really live like this but hey it MERICA’ right? NO.

The Weather:

Is this not bliss right now? While working in house tediously building websites for many indie businesses in Chicago we still like to step out to enjoy the AIR/WEATHER. The leaves are leaving, the bikers are dying down in our neighborhood except for the Jimmy Johns dude (he’s a bicycle beast! #Andersonville), the parents with strollers are more bundled up but damn it still feels flawless right now as we are big fans of FALL. We both have our squirms about the weather as she likes the light of day I love the dark of night. Do we want this to leave anytime soon? NO.

Summer is Over:

The layers are coming on thicker, instagram is finallllly slowing down for Chicago (THANK YEEZUS), cuffing season is on its way (you ain’t right) and the thirst is dying down but have you asked yourself, HOW WAS MY SUMMER? We are still asking ourselves the same thing as we did a lot but still didn’t do nearly what was possible. That make sense? No? Well we are sorry but not sorry. Life is a matter of moments summed up by how we interact to them so sometime we flip, snap, give an extra dollar or tell a bum to piss off. We ARE Chicago is there a better city, NO.

TGIF aka Thanos Gets Intimate Frisbee’s! (WHAT?)

Joke aside we love you guys, gals and all in between as you are why we do what we do and without you there is NO US. You have a purpose so we encourage you to pursue it with PASSION.

On the strength of Papa smurf, TGIF.

See you next Friday.
Passion is Everything
Chicago Hustles

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