Chicago Vintage Garage August


Chicago Vintage Garage August edition was a blast! We happen to live down the street from the Vintage Garage so we asked if we could do a photo-booth at the function for a little PR for Chicago Hustles Magazine to which yielded great results. The weather was an amazing 71 degrees,  we were in the shade next to The Lost Girls Winnie and the breeze was so nice. The only thing we were missing were chairs yup we forgot chairs lol so it was a long day of standing. We initially thought we would be outside in the front to catch people leaving with the goodies but instead we had a spot on the side lot. We didn’t know exactly how it was going to go but we are always ready for the adventure and it truly was a ride. Special thanks to Thriftaholic for helping us wheel in our first few candidates as sometimes we can just be shy. We initially were aiming for a 11-1pm slot and had so much fun we just decided to stay until 5pm. We met so many cool people of all ages and walks of life who enjoyed the Vintage Garage. What we found even more astonishing is that it was a lot of first timers. Maybe we are spoiled living so close but a lot of the people we spoke with came from the burbs, amazing. Our faces still hurt from laughing so hard yesterday with our new friends; the day could not of been more perfect. They say time flies when you are having fun well 5pm rolled around really really fast. The funny thing is I (durte) never made it inside lol, how in the hell did I let that happen. I guess that’s the sacrifice you make when you want to capture the fun & finds of others. I saw a lot of people walking out with records so I felt a little treated but there is always next time. If you are reading this and have never been you are missing out on a few things that are key. The one you are missing supporting your city and the creative entrepreneurs therein. Two you are missing the chance to meet these awesome vendors and make great connections within the community. Three you are passing up some of the most amazing rarities that one can find for various reasons. If you look at the photos you will see everything from antlers to artwork.

The Chicago Vintage Garage August edition was quite the treat. We thank Melissa & Jim Sands, Vintage Garage, Chicago and most importantly those who expressed their passion with us becoming friends. We believe wholeheartedly you can be creative, make a great living and still me a humanitarian without being a shifty business person. That is what Creative Entrepreneurship is about to us, making it work but giving back by continuing to share (com)passion.



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