Children These Days: Do not Harsh My Mellow

Children These Days Do not Harsh My Mellow, the video, the whole thing about it’s so FRESH apart from…the hook. Have we now not discovered what this does for the way forward for the prospective early life? “Driving thru my hood I maintain my hand on my pistol”? To such an lively music, that is the hook? With the entire murders in Chicago this summer time on my own a hook like this for this sort of promising staff is relatively unnerving given this additional feeds the negativity related to actual ability that is hip hop based totally.The skill is there however as a commenter mentioned on youtube stated:

I completely love Children These Days, they are so shifting are living. However what makes them stand out is all the totally different elements and sounds they create to the desk. As of late it looks like all they put out is pure rap sound. I leave out the extra bluesy stuff jumbled together with the rap. No longer dissing the rap although, he does a super job. They only do not appear as unique.”  greenstrokes24

Listen to your audience guys they will eventually make or break you. We personally love the sound but the industry is a TRAP for creativity, how ironic huh? The sound of Kids These Days is raw, we hope they stay raw (as this is only one song) and free from the stifling grasp of the uncreative music industry. Artist need to grow and we understand that but from the soulful sound of Darling to this chorus…well we would have to agree with the commenter.

Directed by Austin Vesely & Elijah Alvarado
Co-Produced by using @FoxAndTheMule