Creative of the Day: Nicholas Moks Olvera

Ingenious of the Day: Nicholas Moks Olvera


I grew up in a neighborhood that didn’t really give me a lot of options other than gang bang or drug deal. I fought away from all that and noticed hip hop. I have worked hard since the age of 12 to find my calling and breakdancing was it. For 15 years now I’ve busted my butt to live off what I love. Now I finally do, I teach at the Berwyn park district and for the national museum of Mexican arts. I teach in areas where kids need another option like I did. I don’t only teach these kids to breakdance, I teach them to have a passion for something. Even if it isn’t breakdancing as long as they grow old doing something they love to do.”-Nicholas Moks Olvera

Chicago Hustles: Nick is known to us as Bboy Moks and has always been a very innovating inspiration with his style & creativity for YEARS. To feature him is an honor as well as a pleasure seeing his evolution & now giving back to the community/city he loves to represent. When we asked him how he defined “HUSTLE” he gave us the gem below.

“Hustle to me is working hard for what you want in life. Not taking the easy way out. No matter who you are,  everyone has a dream. Chase that dream because it doesn’t come to people that sit around.”-Nicholas Moks Olvera

Add him on facebook here: Nicholas Moks Olvera

Catch him teaching here:

Photo Credit to :  TCKpro. Inc

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