Creative of the Day: Aithō

Aithō musings, inspiration, adornments, accessories & accoutrements by metalsmith and designer Crystal Wells
About Aithō

Aithō is a brand of adornments, accessories and accoutrements, all hand fabricated by Crystal Wells. Inspired by her studies of fashion design and art, she makes one of a kind pieces to express and enhance individuality and style of the wearer. Each piece is one of a kind and styles are reproduced, by hand, in limited quantities.

Aithō focuses on jewelry produced using traditional metal and silversmithing techniques including forging/forming, hand fabrication and creative stone-setting to create modern and memorable pieces.

Crystal Wells studied art and fashion design at East Carolina University and the International Academy of Design and Technology before studying metalsmithing in Chicago. Aithō is the result of a life of loving and learning about all things art, fashion, and the handmade process.

Creative of the Day: Aithō

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