Creative of the Day: BIBELOTECA MOLLUSCA

 My neologism for a “biblioteca of art,” because I do a little bit of everything.

Mollusca? Because… well, let’s face it, mollusks are pretty wonderful beasts.

mollusca / noun (plural) / a large phylum of invertebrate animals that includes the snails bibelot / noun / a small, decorative ornament or trinket. ORIGIN late 19th. c. from French; fanciful formation based on bel
Bibeloteca Mollusca is an online gallery where you can catch up on all of Lilla’s latest artistic projects, as well as order custom prints and reproductions. Many originals are also still available (don’t be shy about asking).

I’m always happy to take commissions and special orders. I can do/have done artwork for business cards, tattoos, and album covers as well as portraits (of both the human and pet variety), fan artwork, and large-scale contemporary pieces.


Archival-quality prints of many of the artworks and photographic pieces listed on the site are available upon request. As a rule, your options include glossy or matte photographic prints, or giclée art prints on heavyweight watercolour paper or anti-UV coated canvas. A range of attractive hanging and mounting presentation options are also available.

Bibeloteca Mollusca is always looking for new models for photoshoots (TFP) and other exciting projects. If this tickles your fancy in any way, just drop me a line! (I’m always down for collaborative artistic enterprises of any other kind as well.)

Creative of the Day: BIBELOTECA MOLLUSCA

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