Creative of the Day: Chris Knight

Chris Knight is a professional freelance photographer and visual artist currently based in Chicago, having spent the previous few years in New York City.

Chris’s passion for photography began in high school when he shot his first roll of film, and he has been striving to perfect his craft ever since. Mainly self-taught, as well as a keen observer of his predecessors and contemporaries, he has also studied at Columbia College in Chicago.

He combines his passion for his art with his love of travel and has shot in such locations as Paris, Madrid, and Berlin, along with virtually every major part of the continental United States. Of all the locales he’s photographed, his favorite is the Southwestern U.S. region, namely Arizona, Utah and California.

Specializing in several styles of photography, Chris has focused for the past four years on honing his “Light Painting” skills; he also has received recognition for his experimental approach to the technique.Chris’s work has been shown at galleries in New York, Chicago, Milwaukee and Los Angeles, as well as Cincinnati, where he won first place honors in a best photograph of the show.

A talented musician himself, Chris has photographed such notable bands as U2, Radiohead, and The Cure. Chris’s work has appeared in the Chicago Reader; he has two published books of his work; and he is currently the photo editor for Positively Aware magazine. He has also shot for the U.S. Olympic Women’s Volleyball team on three occasions.

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