DJ SCEND:Talented & Gifted

DJ SCEND an honest business man, yet humble and grateful for his gift. Such a person belongs in Chicago Hustles off this alone however his TALENT speaks volumes as well.

Stephan “DJ Scend” Steciw has been musical since the age of 5 yrs old. He started playing the piano and progressed into playing guitar 5 yrs later. By the age of 18, he decided to take the journey of being a dj. His versatility of being able to blend hip hop, house, rock, top 40 & reggae into a set that made sense allowed him to hold dj residencies all over the Chicago land area including Zentra, Le Passage, Sushi Samba and Ruby to name a few. He’s had countless other guest spot sets all over the city and surrounding area.
Scend dj’s full-time for Chicago based hip hop artist Scheme (Molemen Records / SRNC).  Scend’s performance credits include opening for DJ Babu, The Alchemist, Raekwon, The Beatnuts, Camp-Lo, Yelawolf, Freddie Gibbs & GLC to name a few.
Outside of being a dj, Scend’s love for music has brought him full circle into producing music. His focus is mainly hip hop as his roots with dj’ing started there but don’t be surprised if you spot some house music production from him.  He also teamed up with long time friend Ricky Dubs to form the production duo Altered Ethics.  With one EP already under their belt within a yr of their colab (2011), there is definitely much more to come from the duo as well as solo projects in the works from DJ Scend.

The Ugly Face (Altered Ethics) – EP – (2011)
A Tribe Called Quest (Tribute Mix) – (2010)
G.U.R.U./GangStarr (Tribute Mix) – (2010)
DJ Premier (Tribute Mix) – (2010)
Pete Rock (Tribute Mix) – (2010)
Two Turntables & a Mic: DJ Muggs Series
As featured by DJ Muggs and the Soul Assassins
When Chicago Hustles asked Dj Scend said HIS definition of Hustle is:
“My definition of hustle is never stopping.  In my line of work, the moment you gain a bit of momentum is the moment you either make or break yourself.  It took me 8 yrs to get to a point in my career where I finally understood what route to take in order to achieve my ultimate goal.  The yrs prior to this point built the foundation for the momentum I needed.  From there it’s been all about transitioning this momentum into completing my goal, reaching people’s emotions through music.”-DJ SCEND

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