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We personally had to miss DJ Shadow at the Mid due to a business trip but we received mix reviews on the show. It is never our goal to undermined any event or performer, but we enjoy hearing & sharing HONEST opinions on how a show or event went within the walls of our city. It seems from the three reviews below that more of the traditional Dj Shadow was expected, and left to be desired and all Chicago residents killed it. Below is the scoop…
Our guest writer Smaranda Gildea said:
DJ Shadow recently came through Chicago to spin a set at the MID supported by DJ Intel and Zebo. DJ Intel warmed up the party with style, layering electro and bass drums on the classic hip hop beat. His mash-up skills were also on point, mixing Beastie Boys ‘Intergalactic’ and Snoop’s ‘Next Episode.’
On his 15th time playing in Chicago, DJ Shadow made it clear that he is reaching back to his roots as a DJ, and his mission is to highlight brand new and underappreciated tracks rather than play back-to-back hits. He addressed the dancing crowd often, warning that “If you’re closed minded or uptight, you’re gonna have some trouble.” He philosophized that it would be disrespectful to his audience if he played the same set time and time again. Only playing about six of his own tracks, he focused on supporting new music and claimed it was “a breath of fresh air.”
The build-up was dark and slow, but he quickly got into some heavy beats, regardless of style. In fact, no style was spared as he played everything from Hip Hop to Drum’n’Bass, to Dubstep, to Hyphy. He rocked from trippy bassy Dancehall, to Chopped and Screwed tracks, which proved to be a great segway to Underground Bass music from the UK. All of this led back to Juicy J and ASAP Rocky. A few highlights included a Dubstep remix of ‘La Bamba’, a dubplate he recorded with Bun B, some Gucci Mane and TI and E-40’s ‘Function’. Throughout the set, DJ Shadow would grab the drumsticks and throw some live drums on top of the beats, much to the delight of the audience.
Following an eclectic set such as this, proved to be no big deal for MID resident Zebo who launched straight into Flosstradamus. Probably a nod to them headlining a sold out show full of Chicago artists in Hollywood on the same night. The crowd did not seem to thin out as Zebo kept the party going into the morning.”
One Dj Shadow fan said:
“The anticipation and anxiety were beyond words as I kept talking about this event for weeks to friends, co workers and even blasting it on Facebook day in and day out. Just to be disappointed by the legendary DJ Shadow! Not only were the reviews hyping this event up but they made it seem like this is a show you can not miss! But I would’ve rather been sleeping or better yet be playing video games, he didn’t play any of his good shit, all he played was a bunch of commercial rap blended with beats and “NEW SHIT” as he said like we were going to be in shock and awe! I wanted to leave the event 10 mins after he was on, it seemed like the only people that liked/enjoyed it were either drunk or on drugs because that’s what it sounded like just a complete blurr!
But when he played organ donor the crowd including myself went completely insane! The vibe was out of this world I felt goosebumps and chills running down my spine because that’s the DJ Shadow me and everyone who knows his music wanted to see. But after that it just went downhill again and kept on with the nonsense, his beat machine tactics were also not on point it looked he was hitting the beat machine but the beats were not matching what the speakers were giving out, it sounded like someone was lip singing, it was very fake and I think he did it just to get a crowds reaction. But I was not fooled neither were my friends, all in all I wouldn’t see him again if he plays crap like he did tonight I’m sure there is a lot people that felt the same as I did………….I want my money/time back!”-Hector Roldan
Another Dj Shadow fan who wants to remain anonymous said:
“DJ Shadow performed a set with a little bit of everything, from new radio jams, dub, hip hop, and even some dance hall/reggae beats. A bit disappointed by the lack of his own songs in his set, he did deliver with something to dance and get hype to. Being a fan of Shadows crate digging style that usually almost always include voice clips off of strange and rare albums, I was craving a bit more of his signature sound. He told the crowd that he wasn’t going to play the same jams we usually hear at DJ shows, he mentioned 90’s hip hop jams that everyone sings the words to. I was hoping he was going to come hard with a crazy musical journal, but soon found out the set would be a slight let down because although he didn’t play the classic typical hip hop jams but mixed up other super played out styles, like dub. He did warn the crowd that if you had a close mind toward different styles of music, this show wouldn’t be for you. But it brought up the thought of “hmm, why diss the old school classics then?” He made up with a great performance, showing so much love to Chicago, and even taunting “Chicago, one little thing you might notice. No laptop”. Respect on that. Final conclusion, good set. We moved we danced, but some more of Shadows true flavor would have made the night.”-Anonymous
What where your thoughts on the show? Care to share? Leave a comment…
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