Domi V: Our Proficient Neighbor

Domi V is a man of many talents who is constantly blowing in and out of the city of Chicago. In his spare time he took some time to talk with Chicago Hustles Magazine about his video, creative process and hustle.

Seems you are in Chicago often what about the city brings you back?

Mostly friends & freelance projects cause me to come from Gary, IN out this way quite a bit.

You recently had an event at Beauty Bar a week or so ago what was this event? 

Originally I believe the event was suppose to be just a dance party thrown by Ms. Chicago and hosted by Neak. Once  Ms. Chicago heard we were shooting a vid for “Ready To Go” , which was produced by Slot-A, she decided to make it a vid release event .  So from there it became a quick turn around project so that the vid could be shown at the Beauty Bar. I think it turned out great.

As a creative of many talents (graphic design, photography/videography, music production) what all did you do for this project filmed in Chicago?

Well there’s a cover for the actual track out there that I made. It was heavily inspired by a Roy Ayers cover per request. Then from there Neak and I sat down a few times to come up with the video treatment. For the most part we got to see about 86% of what we had in mind manifested.  But we got kicked out of a few places, and only had the models for that one day, so a few things had to get cut. Despite this we feel the overall message of the song is still conveyed.

What was the most challenging factor you had to deal with in the process?

Hands down it would be people breaking up the video shoot or the curious questioning during a great take.  A few times it messed up some good shots, but it’s something that’s pretty much expected.

Has this project evolved your skill-set if so how?

This project has helped me somewhat figure out my workflow. One thing it did make me do was work on my color grading. I still have alot of work to do in that area. It’s also helped me decide on which focal length of lenses I would like to have and prefer to shoot with.  But I’m almost sure every time I shoot this will change.

As a creative living outside of Chicago how does the city influence you when you come into film/shoot/etc?

I really try to let wherever I am determine things. I’m a lover of ninjas and assassins. Usually these guys (are serendipitous) use the environment around them to get the job done.  I try to go about it the same way.  There’s so much out here to shoot that could be used in just about any treatment anyone could come up with.  That’s the fun part about shooting in Chicago.

When & where can Chicagoans  check out  your work?

Right now my vids are on Vimeo and YouTube.  I’m working on my own site to showcase my other work at the moment. As far as when….constantly be on the lookout. I have a few vids coming within the next few months from artists like Fitz Fonzarelli, Ralph Lauren, Evann Esco, Sincerely Yours and a few other artist that are around the city limits.

Are you for hire within city limits?

Always Lol.

When asked how Domi V defined hustle he said:

“Man… I could define this a few different ways.  But at this point in my life for me it’s doing the things I know I have to do even when I don’t feel like doing them &  doing them swiftly.  A lot of times this sets you apart from a lot of cats. One thing I keep in my mind though while I’m working is a quote my Pops uses from John Wooden “Be quick but don’t hurry”. So pretty much he was telling me when you get a job hop to it, but don’t move so fast that the QUALITY of the project suffers.  I see this a lot when cats are out here trying to hustle.-Domi V

Chicago Hustles Magazine would like to thank Domi V of for taking time out to speak with us.

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