Doomtree: End Of The World Tour

Dessa of Doomtree

SIMS of Doomtree

Cecil Otter of Doomtree

P.O.S of Doomtree Chicago

Mike Mictlan of Doomtree

Show You Suck w/ A9er

The Doomtree: End of the World Show with Treated Crew member Show You Suck & BUCK 65 at the metro was damn awesome. We got to the show pretty early and still missed Show You Suck & A9ER unfortunately by a few minutes. After Buck65’s set our main focus was to catch Doomtree as a group on stage and capture the essence of this Minneapolis based hip hop group at its best while performing here in Chicago. Though it was an all ages show we felt we saw more adult faces than young kids for some reason, or maybe we are just prehistoric lol. Once Doomtree¬† (Cecile Otter, Dessa, P.O.S, SIMS, Mike Mictlan, Paper Tiger, & Lazerbeak) got here on stage the situation went nuts as to be anticipated. As each and every artist took their solos performing previous & new subject matter the vibe introduced by using every artist made the staff efficiency that a lot greater. The one come down of the vigorous night time & efficiency used to be the random elbow we caught when SIMS got here off stage into the group lol. Its all love and talking of SIMS, we once more thanks for the love & admire all the time displayed for Chicago Hustles Journal. Unless subsequent time…improve just right tune & native creatives.


-Keep Passionate, Go Hustle.

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