Low Down Loretta Brown DJ Set

Low Down Loretta Brown DJ Set

This weekend was one of our biggest disappointments ever. Why is that you ask, because we went to go see a legendary performer who somehow couldn’t DJ.

Lets first define what a DJ is:

1. a person that can mix music from two or more sources at the same time, but it appears to be a single song from an outside observer
2. a person with enough balls to get up in front of a crowd of people and attempt to be 100% all the time, or else people will know
3. someone with musical ability to build up throughout their set, a sense of feeling, rythym and happiness from the proper selection of tracks
4. someone who selects and plays pre-recorded music. DJing is one of the four elements of Hip Hop culture. Also known as Turntablism.

Our Opinion from an Artistic Perspective

Given the definition how is this even possible when you put on one of the livest sets and sell out arenas nation wide? You would think a musician would naturally have the ability & pride to put on an amazing set as a performer versus just doing something half ass for the check. Ms. Low Down Loretta Brown proved this theory to be severely wrong. This is 2012 a year full of technical advancements, it makes completely no sense to get in front of thousands of people messing up during a set like an amateur. When you put it into perspective she has been around/friends with many of today’s top DJ’s in the game, so if you are going to make the move to call yourself a DJ along the lines of the hip hop culture you uphold so highly you have to step up to bat STRONGLY.

We waited in a crowded venue as fans to see what we expected to be an amazing soulful eclectic set along the lines of the great Questlove and deejays of that caliber. Instead we were greeted by predictable tracks, some of her own tracks (I guess but…) and three noticeably train wrecks which prompted our very sour exit. The local Chicago talented deejays John Huang & Dj Zebo killed it and amped the crowd up for Low Down Loretta Brown‘s set which was eh. We feel sorry for the people who paid an arm & a leg to get in and are also disgusted by this poor display of a set by a critically acclaimed artist. Why do celebrity DJ’s get off so easy when they suck? Chicago Hustles read comments all across facebook saying she should just stick to music and we thought wow such haters to each his own BUT then we saw for our own eyes fully understanding why these comments are warranted. Erykah aka Low Down Loretta Brown┬áis an outstanding performer in her niche but should stick to just performing since her DJ game is in infant stages still after a few years. If you are an “Analog girl in a digital world” maybe djing just isn’t for you yet. It’s really a shame…first Lauryn Hill now this.

Low Down Loretta Brown


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