Facebook Movies Why Did You Do It?

Facebook Movies why did you do it? As much as you may want to don’t act like you didn’t notice your timeline jammed yesterday like end of the world traffic with semi eye rolling Facebook movies. Didn’t we just do this in Late Dec/Jan with flipogram? We can see end of the year movies sure that makes sense but celebrating 10 years of ripped privacy, freedoms & liberties? This brings up an interesting topic we often come across, one surrendering of privacy/personal information and two following every suggested trend.

It is a given once on Facebook you have surrendered many of your common rights including ownership of photography certain information, the syncing to your contact list etc. Do you remember that what it was like in high school when you see everyone jockin’ the popular kids even if it’s not a good fit for them they just wanted to “FIT IN” and in doing so they just end up playing themselves (insert any teen movie)? Well we do and ironically we are seeing it today in as many adults as teens. Why do we care, well simply because it’s disturbing. A prime example is when a new “urban” term comes out in the cyber world, let’s use “ratchet”. When the term surfaced everyone we knew from 16 years old to late 50’s (many parents included) started saying “ratchet”. Not a good look for you mom/grandma especially when you don’t really know what it means yet adopt it to seem relevant often squeezing it forcibly into a social status. It seems in this new social media age that trying to be relevant makes more people seem irrelevant? If everyone is doing it how are you making it cooler by jumping off the same cliff so many others did before you? It is only one way down right?
We’d say largely because Facebook & Social Media are those persuasive (uncool when you look closer) cool kids everyone is sacrificing themselves to be like or easily falling like sheep to their slaughtering commands. When Target was hacked the world was in uproar over security, panicking making calls yet willingly give up the same information visually to everyone on the world web (then claim you have stalkers). IS THIS NORMAL? If so call us irrelevant because being relevant makes you irrelevant in REALity, key world REAL not social media as the things that don’t matter do, and those that do don’t.

More examples include twitter giving trend suggestions to harvest marketing research, Facebook starting trends to further invade your privacy, Instagram offering you hashtags again for research but did you forget YOU have uniqueness to offer? Just because its hip for a few hours doesn’t mean you have to shed your inner charm and individuality to fall for it. Just like most cool kids in high school FB will lose its shine, get fat and end up becoming a janitor barely any one remembers (MySpace ring a bell).

If you follow everything as it appears immediately yes you are following the heard, flock, school of fish or whatever. In every large group however there is always a few that stand out, freaks the hashtags, makes original statuses, and becomes the twitter trend rather than following it. We believe that person is YOU, we see your uniqueness and originality the question is why can’t you?


“Rebel to the grain there’s no way to barricade me” – Inspectah Deck

-Chicago Hustles

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