FashionBar Chicago Winter 2014 Fashion Show

FashionBar Chicago Winter 2014 Fashion Show


We enjoy fashion as much as the next person though we rarely dress up enough to show it as our inner artist balks at the thought of displaying ourselves in any other way besides who we truly are. Often through our people watching in our commutes we question ourselves, sense of worth and often being by the simple question, what is fashion? For some ladies its the shoes, for some men its the tie for others its the display of vivid color for others its the simple lack thereof. What is fashion to you? This is our tale of observation at FashionBar’s Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Show.

Anthony Martinez sent us an invite to attend FashionBar’s Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Show via email offering us VIP seating out the gate. We believe as Anthony D. Long the CEO of said at the opening on the fashion show that Chicago has a ton to offer the world of fashion. This city makes you prepare, adjust and look good all on the fly. Yesterday alone it was sunny, dark and snowing, sunny, snowing and then windy all in less than 6 hours. One must adjust to such conditions on the fly and remain FLY and we feel Chicagoans have a gift for that extensively.


The night started with us arriving a bit early walking around Michigan Avenue taking pictures outside in the cold, ironically it was a warming experience as we haven’t just shot out and about in a while. Off topic we did enjoy the Louis Vuitton (we only support indie brands in most cases) however their Michigan avenue retro window displays where actually quite amusing. To the Drake we go for our very first time, yes the FIRST TIME. We walked in and happen to see a photographer with the serious I’m late face so we walked silently behind him as he looked for the fashion how. The Drakes lobby is love, the gargantuan bouquet placed in the center was liviveldy bursting with reds, greens and pinks for the holiday, I had to personally touch it to see if they where real as we got closer looking for a place to strip down some and regroup indeed they where.


In the lobby we saw alot large group of ladies looking impatient and we wondered if they where models or make up artist often you can’t tell cause Chicago has some of the best looking make artist around with skills, yeah I said it. The check in for media was at 6:00 pm so going up the stairs we look around and see the layout we immediately meet Tony D Long who we alert that we are looking for Anthony Martinez as we always make am immediate attempt to thank our point of contact personally for the invite. This was actually one of the first times we walked into the jungle of a fashion shows backroom. The roomed bustering with hair products, patient looking models, people on phones ,texting hair stylist it was indeed alot of work put into this show wow, we started sweating immediately from the steam from the outfit groomers. Then we stood there, and stood there, then we see a young fellow looking pretty sharp walk by us, Darcy said I think that’s Anthony*


We stop him for a second to introduce ourselves and thank him for extending the media invite with VIP accommodations to Chicago Hustles. Life is about gratitude and being grateful for the little htings to which we always are. Lets go wait in line we thought which was massively long, the show being sold out was by no means a way of social media hype! We waiting on a few steps caught some series glares from an older lady and we honestly became uncomfortable at first (if you know us this requires work lol) then it kinda of became an annoyance until I flat out asked however nicely hello, how are you, are you staying in the Drake Hotel or are you here for the show?


She being caught off guard then spoke and happened to be very pleasant, Her name was Dorothy and grand daughter or daughter was one of the fashion designers. After a decent conversation she had to leave for some reason so we all stood up to wait in line…a line it was and we were early!.


After a 15 minute wait the line started moving. By the time we reached the front we could see it was a bit in disarray but largely it seemed because the show was sold out. We being first time Drake Hotel visitors (mind you we like things very untouristy in most cases unless the experience is creative) so we scoured the room taking in the details like the cherubs on the fish around the fountain mid room which their where seats nicely arranged. The room meant for the fashion show was well lit full of mirrors and very warm in color photo wise. This should be fun we thought. As always we head to the bar to see what the service is like. Greeted by a very welcoming gentlemen he asked “What can I get you?” for the sake of keeping it simple we opt for vodka [pineapple & vodka cran but the glasses where tall so we secret said “sweet”. The room filled fast, coats, purses, hats adorned most of the seats by our first bar trip. Our seats where right in the front (Thanks Anthony & Tony) next to a few other very popular blog owners we missed their names. Behind us two awesome photographers/bloggers we befriended and had an amazing conversation with throughout the evening.


This event is rockin’! There was staff walking around showcasing designer shoe styles on a silver platter (literally) as photographers line up to catch a shot at their passing. The fashion show is running late as we check our devices, never have we EVER been to a fashion show that starts on time so no biggie. A few minutes later Anthony makes an announcement that the bar will be extended to 8:20, the party continues lol. A few intros and conversations later the fashion is underway as Tony comes out to give the introduction speech. A very passionate gent it seems totally gave a warm welcome to the fashion show.



Sugarcoma Clothing 

Sarah stepped up to the mic seeming slightly overwhelmed by the loud applause upon her introduction. She was definitely going to stand out here styling adorning bright hot pink hair, a very fresh colorful fit to match and tattoos. Our type of fashion brand, her style and line screamed stylish rebel. The pieces hugged curves, showed off some skin in a vibrant “I’m comfortable you can’t tell me how to dress” type fashion. Sugarcoma had our fashion cavities tingling for more of the show.-Chicago Hustles



BIO: “Sarah Fitzgerald is the designer, printer and creator of Sugarcoma Clothing. Starting out as a graphic tee company in 2010, Sugarcoma has evolved into a full line of bright and bold unisex separates. Sarah has created a look inspired by street art, music and urban youth that is versatile and easy to wear. Her collection is built to stand out in a crowd. Follow Sugarcoma Clothing @ shop the collection @

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Gabrielle Zwick Designs

Gabrielle collection bolstered a lot of lace over solid color prints adding a sheek style that would be meant to stand out at fashion shows such as this one. Her collection is to be worn solely out to the who’s who of events as they carry a unique style that demands your input or a comment. We enjoyed her collection along with the visual eroticness that it added to FashionBar Chicago Winter 2014 Fashion Show. -Chicago Hustles



BIO: Gabrielle Zwick is a Chicago based Fashion Designer who specializes in jewelry and women’s ready-to-wear design. Her aesthetic is flirty and fun with vintage and pin-up under tones. She has sold her products in various boutiques across the country and has worked for local Chicago designers as well as New York based designer, Anna Sui. Her experiences also include working as the head designer for prom company, Party Time Formals landing her designs in magazines such as Seventeen Prom, Teen Prom, and Pageantry Magazine. In the future, Gabrielle hopes to expand her brand and help women everywhere express themselves artistically through fashion. Facebook @




Apolinar Castillo Designs

Apolinar where interesting. We aren’t actually sure how to describe the style besides very full sized, also lace inspired  yet mature like festive. The outfits look like they would be comfortable to wear out with your best friends on the town or for mothers who need to party.-Chicago Hustles



BIO: Apolinar Castillo is an up and coming women’s wear designer and founder of Apolinar Castillo Designs. Apolinar aspires to design for the everyday woman. He is inspired by a plethora or designers and ideas, from Diane Von Furstenberg to Betsey Johnson, from scripture to nature. Apolinar’s plus size line was created to provide fashionable garments to those widely forgotten by the fashion world. To keep track of Apolinar’s process and progress visit his business page on Facebook @


Satoko Mizuno

Satuko had some of the most amazing pieces of the show. Her line made us think of the sophisticated creative entrepreneur who is stunning at every gathering with little effort. The models displayed the pieces well, VERY WELL. In these type of outfits (better pics here)(by JP PEREZ) you can’t help but be adored and admired in public. We could see these pieces easily in any major store chain with high end price tags. Again the pieces where really well put together, stylish and for her first fashion show AMAZING!-Chicago Hustles



BIO: Satoko Mizuno is a Japanese fashion designer who entered the local fashion scene in Chicago this past year with her flirtatious and sophisticated designs. Her inspirations emerge from the simple and timeless dresses found in classic films with an unique touch of modern playfulness. She hopes that the every stitch she makes will help women realize their true inner beauty and identity. Facebook @


PRIN by Prina Bagia

Prina introduces her intro with stating it was her birthday and from the crowds roar she had quite a following. Prin’s pieces where very elegant & flowy made of very gown/wedding like materials. The style reminded us of an older type of royalty or wedding type fashion which left the viewers eye to mystery of the female physique. Her collection seemed very before her time but its that alone that made it very unique as she presented a modern classic collection.-Chicago Hustles




BIO: Prina Bagia of “PRIN” Designs is an innovative and passionate designer ready to make her mark on the fashion industry. Her passion drives her to create unique garments for any occasion, with detailed embellishments, flowing, luxurious materials and more than eccentric style lines. Her inspirations not only come from her daily life but from her strong influential culture. She strives to bring all the parts of her world together to create new pieces of artwork for the world to love and appreciate. You can follow PRIN on Facebook @

 Our Critique of the event:

The even though a success also had its quirks as all events do. Our biggest was the models not stopping after the bend of the fountain, this caused photographers to get in each others shots. The walk way should be laid out for media to capture the best of the outfits. The other would be a smoother media check in. The quirks by no means over shadowed the love, dedication or time FashionBar Chicago put into this event. We highly anticipate the next event as well as more of Chicago’s emerging amazing creative entrepreneurs.

(Check back for more photos & video later)

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