Fear of Red



Just woke up from the craziest dream so I decided to share. This is literally not suppose to make sense so consider it as such but a real dream no less.

So Im in this dream randomly you know one of those ones where you just are in it with no real beginning or prelude you just wake up ironically in the dream. It seems something happened to the United States or planet where the color red, drops of red and anything that looked like blood uncontained was feared due to some form of mutation. The whole world was like one big chem lab because of this mutated blood cell. I come to my senses in the dream with everyone running in panic so I take off running looking for a pocket area nothing can access or harm me for the space of one. I see an armed police guard shooting at a man with dark blood red eyes with dilated black pupils like something from the Blade movies. The guy appeared to be a deranged doctor in control of his body but running trying to give something off to the nearest person. You can barely hear the pop from the shells barely over everyone screaming “Containment Containment” which was the computer command to isolate at any time between point a & b a subject with the push of a button. The doctor stayed steady in pursuit of the armed man shooting who both where outside of the containment zone. The armed man lets off one point blank shot to the temple, “POP” in slow motion while wedged in my secure “You’re not getting to me zone” I see 17 drops of blood in slow motion splatter in different directions hitting the floor. I look around to one individual saying in slow motion “stop shooting” as the blood individually yet rapidly turns into little parasitic plump leeches ready to posses a new host as they hit the floor. The leeches quickly move towards the cop who was shooting, he falls back frightened stumbling into range of a containment zone button 20 feet behind me. The bulletproof glass drops from both sides of the ceilings trapping the doctor and leeches while releasing a toxin killing the infected host. What the f**k just happened? You hear a loud humming noise as these oddly tall men in lab suits surface from a rising floor panel to blow torch the debri. I then see through the eyes of one of the torchees, what just happened. A slightly upset female voice hidden behind a reflective chem suit says over the torchess burst “Its getting worse”. I reply what do you mean, she says “the close containment calls”.

I wake up in earth time look at the clock, its 5:24pm (weds). I’ve been asleep 15 minutes during this elaborate dream, faint yeahhhh notice my enthusiasm. I doze back off to awake a slightly curvy irish girl with short brown hair which I recall dying in the dream with borderline hazel eyes running down a parking garage slant panting out of fear. I look back at the hole in the pregnant lady whose intestines with baby attached are in front of her from being shot at some point with a shot gun because she was infected. As I’m watching myself, yet running down this garage slope the blood which flew forward towards me is raising right at me! I now remember scene one as if it was in the news and I was not there but just an observer. I remember at the same time torching the remains in the chem suit. “I cant get infected I thought” Out of no where a little kids rolls a dead corpse over the upper level of this parking garage (then vanishes) to detour the blood drops almost chasing me looking for a new host. It seemed this decoy worked as the wave of blood opted for the dead corpse right when I see a containment button. I slap the containment button sliding in to home plate like a baseball player barely rolling under the glass into a walgreens with other citizens that have manage to make it into there for safety. Im in a room being stared at by randomly item armed citizens looking to do whatever it takes to protect their own in this walgreens which is for some reason freshly painted red near the backrooms in the back east wing of the building. A short security with awesome finger waves steps up with her hand on her pistol and stated some rule saying if I did not answer a set of questions I would be shot with no remorse. I can’t recall what was said but I complied, she then took her hand off and said “you run fast for thick girl”. I said thank you, thinking “what does that mean” in the dream and wondered why no one wanted to use the bathrooms as a little kid peed in the chip aisle. Whats he doing over there when the bathrooms are so close I asked. The mom maybe in her early 40’s with a beige set of womens dockers a bit too short and a lavender cardigan sweater said because of the fear of the infected blood cells red is rarely used anywhere so no drop of blood can ever be missed. Where am I? I felt like Sam in quantum leap for some reason and could not escape this fearful future or alternate reality. The walgreens in the dream was alot like a super walmart so all 26 inhabitants stayed for a few hours grouped by family until the men in chem lab suits came to remove the corpses. When these men appeared they did not speak to you as they relied on anyone within feet of you to kill you if you where infected and move to another containment zone. The doors are lifted after the threat is removed but one guy has a very odd cough and mudd on his shoes though they tend to arrive from underground (where there isn’t much moisture). I see some blood trapped in the dirt under one of the chem mens shoes, but cant say anything before they vanish. Did you see that I asked the security guard standing right next to me? She says “I’ve seen alot of things” with a smirk then starts to whistle as she struts away hands in pockets.

I wake up again the misses is home its 6:22 pm I’m confused as hell right now and exhausted from the wierd hours Ive been working. Hey babe, you want me to make the pizza? She says something I barely hear and I then doze back off to sleep. I awake a 6 year old kid walking on a tree branch above the ground flying my air plane which was a mint condition “Starscream’ transformer still in jet mode. The wind is soothing blowing through my hair giving me slight goose bumps in my tank top that has the number 3 on the back. As me my my jet starscream walk in this tree flying higher in my head I cant help but notice the sky is a peppermint green like thats the color of this atmosphere. I think to myself green is a cool color. In the faint distance I hear a caring voice saying if you fall you’re going to hurt yourself and change everything. I look back towards what resembles my old house in california when I was a child. I see what I think is is a red mark on the tree and I slip flipped upside down as if in a rabbit hole of eternity in a downward spiral I try to catch was has caused my demise. The world is upside down I land in soft grass and I see in my slightly blurred confusion legs running towards me. How did you fall? Me I dont know but I saw something red, I think. Looking immediately upset this mother figure climbs the tree and states there is no red spot there. I point to her its moving as it was itching down the tree in a barely noticeable slow crawl. She yells RUN! The shrill rattled my spirit like a tuning fork would glass in the dream and so I ran. I could feel my arms, legs and chest burning but I could not see where I was going.

I come to as in a flash back as I’m underground in a hospital a mid 20s white male where the bodies are burned then discarded. I hear the female voice from before but I can now see her face. Her name is never spoken but she had long curly hair with poorly done highlights, light brown eyes with a venezuelan accent and a great smile. She again says removing the smile the containment is getting worse. It seems we where strolling to a meeting to get a better grip on the recent outbreaks. In the midst of me walking with this co worker we hear screams, a blond nurse who screens the workers upon return comes running around the corner with a massive pair of scissors swing ferociously at a man in a semi hospital gown. “Please help containment containment!” The man is mumbling something but it was not understandable. I frantically look for containment push buttons which where about ever 1000 feet sometimes more which would drop glass from both sides to eliminate the threat by spraying some toxin onto the blood causing it to die. I did not see one in site, a younger nurse aid rams him from the right with a hospital bed sending the person down some stairs abruptly. He falls down 12 stairs but runs back up swiftly as a few keepers shut the door in haste. A finger gets caught in the door struggle cracking loundly and then severing landing on the floor in slow motion as they shut and lock the door. The finger falls unnoticed but the blood starts moving slowly, itching back “lets go” I say. The leeches form from the blood droplets faster in this part of the dream moving like little cockroaches when scattered. The team member with me spots a containment zone and alerts everyone to dart for it or go to the next level containment zone. We all run frantically towards the shiny silver buttons about a 1000 feet ahead of us with blood leeches on our heels about 300 feet behind us. The staff was prepared so half went up ladders to other level containment zones sealing airlocks behind them and the rest of us made it minus two security guards who fell in the stampeed who shook uncontrollably when iI looked back for a second as the leeches enter allhuman openings possible at once. The glass closes but never fast enough when life is at risk we wait for the men in the chem suits to come clean up the bodies killed or infected. Being apart of the underground staff is different so we did not know how this out break occured as they where normally above ground. The man in the stairwell is no longer a concern but I dont know what happened to him which makes me uneasy. The scene skips, its off time were we go back above ground to the real world. I go to my locker to lace up my fastest pair of running shoes to just be safe up top if anything occurs. Looking down what the hell is this? Why is there mud on my shoe? Trying to deal with the days events mentally I lace up anyway and walk towards the elevator that takes us up. A fellow co worker asks why is there mud on my shoe as well. I don’t know I stated its odd right? The elevator silence quiets to a slow hum as we go to the top level from floor 26c. The elevator takes us up to a park with a hidden door location between a few obscure trees outside of public view. The sky is a nice green today and I needed a breather. I take a stroll destination unknown actually only to see a tree reminding me of the past life or dream so I decide to climb it. I dose off in some secure branches into a slight remiscent slumber to be awaken by people screaming at a plane in fumes seen decending rapidly from the sky. I stand up in shock trying not to fall off the branchs that held me on my once peaceful nap. I’m standing careful braced against this tree but somehow I slip. When I come to I can’t feel my legs, I have on muddy shoes in a stair well hearing people screaming “Containment! Containment!”. My hand is bleeding badly, my vision is fading everything is slowly…turning red.


Written by Durte Genius
Graphic by www.durtegenius.com

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