First Thursday at Langford Market










First Thursday at Langford Market is a day were Langford Market showcases local talent with free beverages to locals residents in Lincoln Park. We decided to stroll to network with our new buddy Danielle Henry manager of the shop while checking out their Spring Collection. Langford Market just premiered their Spring collection which was bursting with warm colors for the spring season on its way. As we arrived we noticed their where already a few ladies waiting for the talented AstroWifey a local nail artist as well as owner of Tipsy Magazine. The staff was friendly, everyone who came to get their nails done were very excited at how elegant and stylish the nail art was. The staff was very friendly and helpful and if you are looking to spice up your spring wardrobe starting at Langford Market is a great idea.

You can book Astro WifeyHere: Styleseat

You can stop by Langford Market April 11th for a Fashion Show as well! Brought to you by the Lincoln Park Merchants Association.

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