Flowers Of Dreams: Valentine’s Day Special

In appreciation for your constant support of Chicago’s Artist, Musicians, Fashionistas & Indie Businesses this local company Flowers for Dreams has a special Valentine’s Day deal for you!

F4D Gift Card (Virtual-CH12)

As you know, Flowers for Dreams offers locally crafted bouquets for a simple $35 with free delivery. And each purchase benefits a local Chicago charity (this month its Bright Pink, reducing risk of breast cancer for young women). Their giving model – the ‘dreams’ in our name – has also yielded nearly 7,000 backpacks to 7,000 CPS students through the nonprofit Supplies for Dreams.

About Flowers for Dreams:

Flowers for Dreams was started outside the doors of a commencement ceremony. An inspired college student on summer break – Steven – convinced a friend in the floral industry to ship 300 rose bouquets to his parent’s garage in Chicago. On credit and good faith. His plan? Sell the bouquets as congratulatory gifts outside his former high school’s graduation. For each bouquet sold, he would fund a backpack with school supplies for a local student in need. For every bouquet, a backpack. For every congratulations, an opportunity. Profit and purpose working together.

After rallying the commitment of his longtime friend Jo, the concept took off at commencements across the city. Just two months in and hundreds of bouquets later, 600 low income 1st graders each received the supplies they needed to attend school. Unleashed was an uncontainable movement of two-way giving…

Then, Flowers for Dreams was conceived anew. After discovering a larger floral industry rife with poor quality, absent customer service, deceptive pricing, and little social conscience, it’d become our mission to create the revolutionary alternative to such uninspiring choices for buying flowers online. We started by throwing away all the traditional expenses of a local florist (urban storefront rent, window dressing, retail staffing) and developed a just-in-time inventory system to reduce spoilage by over 30%. We studied, hired, and collaborated for months with top floral designers from around the country and finally released a unique suite of bouquets and arrangements seldom seen outside the Dutch countryside. We trashed the traditional up sells, delivery charges, service fees, and fluffy add-ons, and replaced it all with a fair and simple price: $35. A revolutionary alternative indeed.

However, with all these steps forward, our mindset remains the same as it was in Steven’s parent’s garage: make a net social impact in everything you do. That’s why we offer eco-friendly flowers, in recyclable coffee burlap, wood and bark vases, and deliver them all to benefit local charities with meaningful missions. Backpacks for local students, summer camp for the children of cancer patients, temporary employment for our community’s homeless, food for it’s hungry, and much more. You buy and we’ll donate. Flowers, for dreams.

As seen in Business Insider’s 20 Most Inspiring Companies in America (2012)

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