Fourth is King Pop Up Shop


This past Friday, December 6th at The Silver Room, Wicker Park’s resident lifestyle boutique and art gallery, hosted a pop-up shop with almost up from under the radar streetwear brand, Fourth Is King, titled #FIKPopUp. Drinks were provided by the ever delightful and always reliable Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and music was brought to us by talented Chicago singer/songwriter, Phil Jacobson. thesilverroomfourthisking004


The four-hour event accommodated a healthy mix of creatives including designers, photographers, musicians, longtime supporters (shout out to all the Mothers in the house!), and curious consumers all perusing and praising the comfortable gear with the invigorating style. When we arrived, the evening was commencing and already, the vibe was just veracious. We were soon greeted by founder of Fourth Is King, Jay Byrnes. He began presenting us some of the newest items in their collection and was genuinely thrilled when we loved them (because we do) as much as he does. thesilverroomfourthisking008


Earlier in the week, he stated via their website (link to their website), their primary goal for the #FIKPopUp. It was as simple and awesome as their entire collection: introduce the Amigo, the mascot of their premium goods. thesilverroomfourthisking012

Their collection, both old and new, embodies the classic elements of your personal favorite items in your closet. It’s clean, it’s simple, it feels amazing, and it’s complimentary to your lifestyle and figure. This is what the Fourth Is King brand is all about – comfort and simplicity. Now, while it’s easy to push these values and ideals when it comes to clothing, trust us when we say this shit is actually really comfortable. It’s also not outrageously priced, which is a win for us as the customers. While I was milling through the merch – I was multitasking and eavesdropping – I was trying to decipher which pieces in the FIK collection were held in the highest regard. Mission failed; the crowd clearly loved them all. However, the most talked about items for the night seemed to be the new long sleeve tee in various colors which sports Fourth Is King logos on the sleeves, the crew necks (which are unisex!), and the headwear – a number of beanies and caps. I copped the set of pins to adorn my jackets and bags with.


The real success of the night was founder, Jay Byrnes and his wife, Emily who was bartending, socializing, and generally making sure everything looked aesthetically pleasing. These two are personable, accommodating, and chat about their brand with such class and a sense of fortified esteem. How could you not want to support a remarkable brand when the people behind it are just as awe-inspiring? If you missed the #FIKPopUp, don’t fret. Head to Dose Market’s Holidose at 2033 W North Ave in Chicago on December 15th from 10 AM – 4 PM or check out their collection on their online store.


Written by Jordhan Briggs